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Economic Subject And Its Rights: Law Analysis Of Market Resources Allocation

Posted on:2004-12-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360092498628Subject:Political economy
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This is a study on how system of law affects allocation of resources and leading reform and perfect economy system in market allocation of resources. It set up a set of environment of effective allocation resources through law and economics in mdrket allocation of resources. It becomes a unity in law and economics, Because there are close relationship between economics and law. Combine economic with law, economic subject as essential aspect in analysis of law, its goal is to make allocation of resources to be standardizing and effective.Law in allocation of resources has not only the function of society justice, but also the function of realizing effective allocation of resources and rich society wealth. This is testified by history of developed countries. So law has double goals, justice and effect.It is a key to affirm economic subject and its rights by law, it is high effect in resources allocation. Why do allocation of rights become the core in allocation of resources that allocation of rights is decided by the law? Because, first, economy activity of main body is a kind of allocation of interests, but allocation of interests is decided by allocation of rights. Different economic subject has different estimated price to rights, it is source of rights trade. Second, secure rights means make secure property rights in allocation of resources. It brings about profits and costs from property rights. Evaluate profits and costs are for maximum of interests, equilibrium and effect. It is for chose and reform to law system, and for effect of allocation of resources.Allocation of wealth should become to encourage people to get great potentialities and wealth of rise in value. In short of resources, resources need be allocated to people who make wealth of rise in value and effective use of property. Those people are chose through competition. People, who have a little resource or nothing, can get well too. Because people, who have more resources, can make more wealth for all people. Responsibilities of law and allocation rights should be realized measure of this goal. It makes use of resources more high effectively due to law. It makes more value of economy and high level of society wealth, it realizes society justice and fair, this means final getting road of join rich. It is also testified by west countries, there are so good society wealth in west countries after accumulate of original capital and cruel competition. Using the law to take resource to people who can effective use resource is a demand of market economy,This thesis issue effectiveness of resource allocation through analysis of market allocation resource, Its relationship in allocation of resources is from (1) Allocation of resources and economic subject of rights. Activities of economic subject decide effect of resources allocation. If it is effective for activity of economic subject, it is effective for allocation resources. It is important that rights of main body are decided by law. Ifeconomic subject has hold rights, its goal is maximum benefits (2) Effect of resources allocation and behavior of economic subject. Economic subject has motivation for maximum of benefits when economic subject get property rights, however if it should be effective to activity of economic subject in allocation of resources, it need to have a really incentive system for economic subject get maximum of benefits. It is very important that choosing and designing the institution of incentive. The institution of incentive accompanied by secure main body rights is the most common and effective institution for maximum of benefits. (3) Competition and system of remedy in allocation of resource, no competition, no motivation, it is effect in allocation of resource through competition of economic subject, but it may bring a lot of loss, if there are unfair competition. It is an effective way in allocation resources through control of unfair competition and set up system of remedy through law. (4) Order of resources allocation and harmony of main body's interests.
Keywords/Search Tags:Market Allocation of Resources, Allocation of Rights, Effectiveness, Economic Subject, Property Rights, Incentive Competition, Contract, System of Law
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