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Study Of Stakeholders And Corporate Governance System

Posted on:2004-08-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360095455793Subject:Economic Law
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The paper is titled as "Study of Stakeholders and Corporate Governance System", aiming at providing a co-governance basic theory and pattern that gets stakeholders involved in corporate governance. The pattern of co-governance is systemic on theory and actually maneuverable. It should be the choice of the reform in corporation governance in china.Corporate governance gets lots of attentions from both academy and businessmen and becomes a world research topic. A very important reason for this is that the patter of the world economy has changed significantly based on the information technology computer science and internet technology since 1980`s. This also changed the importance of stakeholders that constitute the company. Functions of human resources has been improved which give rise to conflict between material resources and human resources. Many countries are paying more and more attentions to the benefit of stakeholders.Many researchers studied this topic, but they did not go further enough and even bear some misunderstandings. As the present official documents of corporate governance, "Rules of Corporate Governance" mentions the benefit of the stakeholders, but far from enough. So it is necessary for us to find out a rational system that take the benefit of the stakeholders into consideration and let stakeholders to be engaged in company management. Since 1960`s, With the defect of traditional patter of company governance discovered in common law countries and the social responsibility of company increased, more importance has attached to the interest of stakeholders .The theory of stakeholders has been the important part of theory of company governance. It is important and worthy that the theory of stakeholders is further studied to construct the pattern of company governance that suits china.Objective: The paper aims at breaking through the outsider system and the insider system and exploring the new pattern of stakeholders participating in corporate governance. Combined with the practice of corporation governance in china ,the mechanism of stakeholders participating in corporation governance are built. The legislation advice on perfecting corporation governance are put forward.Research paradigm and method: Basing on the standard paradigm of stakeholders, analyzing the interest relation between company and stakeholders and behavior of stakeholders, the law system of stakeholders participating in corporation governance were explored in meaning, necessity, feasibility, law worth, law approach, and law countermeasure. The method includes standard theory investigation and demonstration analyzing research, the standard theory investigation are the main method. Corporate governance is not only a theory question, but also a practice .The author combines the theory of corporation governance and practice ,bounds the basic concept, discusses some point of view, carries through theory analysis and abstract deduce. The purpose was obvious when discussing the mechanism of stakeholders, the author combines practice in order to have maneuverability. Besides, historical thought, comparison and economic analysis also be used in this essay.Content: The author of the article starts from enterprise theory and explores some law issues that are the basic theory of stakeholders, the effect of the theory of stakeholders on company governance, the important meaning and the path of stakeholders participating in company governance, and co-governance mechanism of building of stakeholders participating in company governance. The essay is composed of 5 chapters.There are some basic concept of company governance in Chapter 1. First, some important theory of company governance in the world are introduced and the concept of company governance are put forward from the view of law. Second the difference among company governance and structure of company governance and company management were clarified. The viewpoint of systemic conformity using the relation between company governanc...
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