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A Comparative Study On Economic Development Of Less-Developed Areas In The World

Posted on:2004-09-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C F XiaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122466162Subject:Political economy
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On the basis of general social and economic characteristics of less developed areas, this dissertation mainly studies on the economic development of less developed areas world wide by comparison among various less developed area in both developing and developed countries or regions, making full use of the principles of regional economics, development economics, system e-conomics, and using approaches of combining quantitative analysis with qualitative analysis.The emphasis generally focuses on the following aspects of less developed areas in the world: the basic methodology for economic development in various countries; the main models for economic development; the exploitation and u-tilization of human resources in the process economic development; the technological innovations, its organization and promotion; the institutional innovations and its effect on economic development; the strategies for opening ?up policies and its functions. Learned by most countries with their economic development practices of less developed areas, the main lessons and experiences are that the process of economic development is substantially a process of the exploitation of human resource, the technological innovation and its organization, the selection of leading sectors, the choice of basic economic models, the institutions arrangement and its innovation and the implementing of opening - up policies.1. Based on scientifically defining the concepts "less developed areas","development models", "development strategy" and so on, the dissertation expounds, concludes and makes a comparison among the basic theoretical approaches for economic development in less developed area world wide, and reaches a conclusion independently that the basic theoretical approaches consist of structuralism, neo - classicalism, neo - institutionalism and endogenous growth theory.2. After analyzing, comparing among and summing up the economic development policies and measures adapted by foreign countries' governments for their less developed areas, the dissertation put forwards six aspects as lessons and experiences from their practices of economic development of less developed areas. First, the success of economic development of less developed areas is usually based on the effective development of human resources. Secondly , the effective economic development of less developed area should be along with the technological progress and innovation. Thirdly, there must be some leading sectors as industrial carriers for the economic development of less developed areas. One important task for the government is to choose, cultivate and develop the leading sectors scientifically and effectively. Fourthly, a good interacting relation between the economic development and opening - up towards outside world is absolutely necessary for the less developed areas. Fifthly, a country must choose an appropriate economic development model for its less developed area according to the given situation of the country. Lastly, the institutions innovations must be run through the whole process of economic development in the less developed area.3. The dissertation renewedly defines the concept "economic development model" and point outs that there are four kinds of economic development models adapted by various countries or regions till now: the economic development model of capitalist full competition, the economic development model of capitalincompletely competition, the economic development model of socialistplanned economy and the economic development model of socialist non - equilibrium harmony.4. Based on the comparison among and summing up the lessons and experiences drawn from foreign countries practices of developing their less developed areas, the dissertation points out that Chinese government should pay more attention to the "soft investment" to west China because Chinese government of various level has much less fiscal revenue than that of foreign developed countries or regions. Therefore, it is impossible for Chinese gover...
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