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Study On The Chinese Housing Accumulation Fund System

Posted on:2004-11-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q H LiuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122470314Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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On the basis of participating in relevant research projects and analyzing a large amount of collected materials, the thesis studies the housing accumulation fund systems in our country. There are three main aspects:Firstly, research on the housing system and housing accumulation fund in China comparison to other countries. By applying economic theories, the thesis compares the housing systems in Singapore, America, Japan, and France with the housing system and housing accumulation fund system in China, and puts forward advances methods that should be absorbed by China.Secondly, study the perfect housing accumulation fund system of our country. The thesis analyzes the current situation of the housing accumulation fund system and the problems that appears during the execution, studies the influence from the peculiarity of housing accumulation, relevant environment, relevant factors. Put forward that the housing accumulation system should reform the methods of storage organ, operating organ and supervision organ. The thesis raises the new ideas that we should establish those mechanisms, under which we could choice storage organ by inviting tenders or establish policy storage organ. Keep the housing accumulation fund safe, maintain value, increase in value and allot the increasing value reasonably, practice high interest of deposit and low interest of loan and the difference is subsidized by the government, the housing accumulation supervision commission, fiscal and audit branch of the government should supervise the collection of housing accumulation fund and its uses.Thirdly, research on the current city the housing accumulation fund system and how to establish the housing accumulation in the countryside. And poses the new mode of the management, the raising fund money and operations of the housing accumulation fund in our country in order to establish a integrated Chinese housing accumulation fund system.In the end, it summarizes the achievement of this thesis and poses the direction of the further study.
Keywords/Search Tags:Housing System, Housing Accumulation fund, Consume Loan
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