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Housing Allocation System Transformation Process Personal Mortgages To Purchase Homes

Posted on:2003-05-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360062450466Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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Study On The Problem Of Personal Housing Mortgage Loan In The Course Of Conversion Of Housing Distributive Institution(Abstract)In this paper we have an exploration on inner mechanism, approach, method and countermeasure of personal housing mortgage loan theoretically on the precondition of monetary housing distribution, on the stand of personal housing mortgage loan in the process of conversion of housing distribution system on the title of personal purchase mortgage loan mechanism on the grounds of monetary housing distribution. It contains six parts in detail as follows:Part 1, define the monetary housing distribution personal housing mortgage loan and etc. on the basis of summarizing related theories.clarify the necessity of study on the problem of personal housing mortgage loan in the course of conversion of housing distributive institution,basic train of thought,and eventually sums out both the shortcomings and creativities of this research, (chapter 1)Part 2, this paper summarizes the successful experience and practice of personal housing mortgage loan in the process of conversion of housing distribution system of the developed and developing countries in the world through their review research and pattern comparison among them. There are five viewpoints as follows:Firstly, the successful practice of personal housing mortgage loan requires consummate housing mortgage loan market system and participation of housing mortgage loan insurance guarantee agencies supported by government. Secondly, it needs related rules and laws for guarantee Thirdly,it should make varies ways of paying back to adjust to different families who has different incomes, hobbies and age structure. Fourthly, the government should put more emphasis on the low and medium income families for their housing purchase loan. The last, personal housing mortgage loan relies on not only the participation of commercial finance agencies, but also the support of government's found of policy housing finance. (Chapter 2)Part 3, this paper anatomizes the problems of personal housing purchase mortgage loan's carrying out in the process of conversion of housing distribution system. It indicates and also analyzes the problems of housing demand, credit capital supply and exertion, management system, risk keeping away mechanism, price forming mechanism, mortgage mechanism, market environment, lag of rules and laws and disposing of mortgage goods, (chapter 3)Part 4, the study of market system and government system of personal purchase mortgage on the precondition of monetary housing distribution analyze the foundations of market and government during this process and the problem of market disorder and government defection. The study says market lead the main foundation during this process. But recently in China there are a number of problems. Firstly, theconstruction of market is not perfect, and market system doesn't work fully. Secondly, even market system plays fully, it still can't distribute well of the loan currency that is market disorder. This paper manifest the different conditions of market disorder, thus, we think, on the personal mortgage loan, government system should and must load on important foundation. But itself is not perfect, at least there are five problems. Firstly government intervention still exists. Secondly, government behavior is not formal. Thirdly, government didn't know the foundation, the aim and the salary distribution in the system of government housing providing. Fourthly, the government supervises the rate too much, the ill corruption of mortgage and loan system lack of efficiency. (Chapter 4)Part 5, the study of personal housing mortgage loan, the technical innovation and technical alternation, mainly explore abate the first installment moderately, prolong the possibility of return fund expire, set up several evaluations for mortgage, abate cost and perfect the mode scientifically, the technical innovation of mortgage loan and returning, the alteration of return of fund expire and provides th...
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