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The Research On Enterprise Project Informatization Management Model For Middle-Small Size Construction Enterprise

Posted on:2004-05-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:D Y DingFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360122486283Subject:Structural engineering
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It has been known that as a way of management different from the processed production, project management performs well under the condition of a given object, limited time and restricted resource. While the enterprises usually need to resolve two difficult problems when they use project management, the one is how to combine the modem management methods represented by the information technology with project management so as to improve the management efficiency and then achieve the intensivized management; the other one, is how to link up the macroscopical stratagem with the project's microcosmic objects tightly to avoid the result of a successful project and at the same time, a enterprise inclining to the bad. Meanwhile, the middle-small size construction enterprises play an important role in the national economic, modernization construction and construction industry production, so we take them as our research object and because these enterprises' quantity is large, their business is relatively simple, ourBased on the thoughts above, this article focuses on upgrading the ability of project management of the middle-small size construction enterprises, studies some problems of the project management theory and information technology applied in the course of project management, in addition, establish the mode of Enterprise Project Informatization Management for Middle-Small Size Construction Enterprise (EPM-MS) on the foundation of management mode, information requirement and technical support. The content, achievement and creativity of the research are on the below:1. This article analyzes and summaries the concept, idea and application scope of the three layers of project management: the management for the single project, programme management and enterprise project management, especially introduces the concept of Programme after studies the signification of traditional Programme, and thinking of the specific of the management objects of middle-small sizeconstruction enterprise, then systematically put forward and discusses the mode of enterprise project distribution and management based on the project's life cycle fit for middle-small size construction enterprise. Furthermore, we also discuss the relation between the information technology and management innovation, try to get rid of the thought that "technology preceding", then we bring forward the idea of Enterprise Project Informatization Management (EPIM) characterized by management dimensionality, technology dimensionality and information dimensionality and explain the control process of the EPIM in brief, in the end, we give the definition of the EPIM, and solve the problem of combining the technical means with management operation, and the problem of Unking up the enterprise stratagem with the project's objects.2. Put forward the new organization structure mode under the EPIM-MS. According to the history and actuality of centralization/decentralization of power of the general enterprises and construction enterprises in our country, and the analyzing to the relation between knowledge and power, decision cost and power distribution, connecting with the character of the middle-small size construction enterprises, the author establishes a design method for the middle-small size construction enterprises' organization, which combine the centralization of power and decentralization and preferring to the centralization to some degree. We also discuss the concept of the project office, bring forward the three functions of the project office: project manager management, support of expert and technology, project control. Based on the contents above, the author set up the design criterion and mode of the enterprises' organization structure, and analyze the constitute and function of the project review committee, vice president of manager, project integrated department, Programme manager and other major departments in the mode, overcome the disadvantage of the traditional matrix organization structure which can not link up the enterprise stratagem with the p...
Keywords/Search Tags:Enterprise Project Management, Informatization, Organization Design, Breakdown & Coding System, Technology Supporting Environment
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