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A Study Of Urban Community Econormy In China

Posted on:2005-08-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360122497524Subject:Political economy
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Urban community economy has resulted from urban economic development and the progress of urbanization . A social community is shared by inhabitants of a specific area while urban community economy refers to the economic activities which provide products to satisfy the consumption demands of the inhabitants in terms of material and cultural life. With area specific and various groups involved, this economy, based on the mixed purposes of creating profits and public welfare, orients itself to community service and. rational distribution of community resources, thus it is playing the positive role of market mechanisms.Urban community economy has demonstrated its significance in Chinese economy as a whole and its significant role is increasingly felt. Exposition by Marxist authors of classics on urban community economy hay laid a theoretic foundation for the development of Chinese urban community economy. Though not always objective or comprehensive, and even erroneous sometimes, viewpoints of modern western economists on community economy are illuminative to our practice. We should guard against irrationality in the determination of the target for the development of urban community economy. As a combination of theoretical and practical study, the development strategy for community economy serves as a link between theory and practice, focusing on the growth of urban community economy, especially the question of sustainable development .The realistic economic behavior and the existing economic basis are the guarantee of the corresponding environment and conditions for the emergence of urban community economy, which embraces such aspects as the guarantee and value increase of collective assets in the transformation of the "urban village" system, the start-up and growth of neighborhood enterprises, community service, real estateand relevant facilities management, community employment and the efficiency of community public resources utilization . To develop urban community economy, we should deal appropriately with the relationship between community construction on the one hand and rural economy, regional economy on the other, and make it complementary to and serve one another. Problems cropping up in urban community economic development, such as capital insufficiency , irrational structure and imperfect management are to be solved by means of reform. The prospects of urban community economy are brilliant.
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