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A Study On Generation Market Structure And Generation Enterprises' Bidding Behavior In Electricity Market

Posted on:2005-08-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X H ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125463658Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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It is necessary for the power electricity industry to choose power market based on the development situation of domestic and foreign power industry. The success of market reform in some countries such as England and Australia injects new hope into power industry, and urges the other countries to choose power market road to some extent, but electricity crisis happened in California of U.S.A in the early days of 2001 and the big power cut of North American in 2003, arise more and more new idea on power reform. The reform for traditional monopoly operation paradigm of Chinese power industry is always exploring since 1985, the reform including several phase, such as "collect money to develop gerneaton capability", simulation power market and experimental power market, and great success is acquired in generation machine capacity that is 385GW till 2003 which is 4.43 times of 1985, which is the result of twenty years struggle. Now the reform of "separation of power plant from electric network, connection to the national network by price competition" is doing, which is the foundation to develop competition generation market.Now the Chinese generation reform lies in marketization proceeding, in which monopoly & competition and market &Authority power exist complexly in some time, equilibrium generation market structure will be formed. As far as market player, Generation Company's market behavior is to choose own bidding strategy, which affects the generation market structure. Otherwise, it is important to study Generation Company's bidding strategy when we analyze generation market structure, and probe into the policy efficiency based on the interaction effect between generation market structure and Generation Company's market behavior, which makes some reference in power market practice and put forward some new idea on power reform. The dissertation's main content and conclusion follows as:In chapter 2, the author summarizes the actuality of domestic and international electricity market's reform and research literature, which is the foundation of this dissertation. The analysis illustrates Chinese power market lies in a low-grade phase, in which competition generation market is expected. The research lacks of model of market structure and multi-unit bidding in a good many research of power market in existing literature.According to current situation of power market reform, the author analyzes china's generation electricity industry structure index, such as barriers to entry & quit, product differentiation, market concentration index, and generation companies' behaviors in chapter 3. The result illustrates the competition is possible among sub-companies for concentration index no more high in original state electricity company, before the reform of "separation of power from electric network", and after the reform, monopolization market structure still exist in some region with industrial concentration index decreasing. On the base of the analysis of current generation companies' behaviors, the conclusion illustrates it is positive for Generation Company to fawn the regulator, not to adopt feasible market entire behaviors in ecomics at present.In generally, traditional economic viewpoint consider there are the characters of the public goods attribute, economic of scale, natural monopoly in power electricity industry, which is the reason why power electricity industry monopoly. In chapter 4 of the dissertation, on the base of the analysis to the characters of generation industry sets up ideal generation market paradigm. The key of the paradigm is to set up potential competition mechanism in generation market, combined to the economics theory of contestable and workable competition and technology character of interlinkage among electricity networks. The author consider oligarch & workable generation electricity market is possible, in which scale economic of generation company and workable competition of market are feasible if interlinkage between electricity networks and trade permission b...
Keywords/Search Tags:electricity market, generation market structure, power electricity bidding, game theory, public utility regulation
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