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The Research On Bidding Mode Of Generation-side Electricity Market In Hunan Province

Posted on:2005-07-09Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J TangFull Text:PDF
GTID:2156360125458706Subject:Power system and its automation
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At present, the division between power plant and power grid of power system innovation in China has been carried into execution, and the step of the innovation has been expedited. Consequently, the bidding modes and concretely implementary project of generation-side electricity market are required urgently, which closely accord with market economy rule.To adapt to the need of bidding in generation-side electricity market, considering the actual situation of power system innovation and the development trend of generation-side electricity market in China, the existing bidding modes are analyzed and compared in this paper, and two new applied bidding modes of generation-side electricity market are introduced, which closely combine the actual situation of national economy of Hunan province and the operation characteristics of power grid in Hunan province. One of the two modes is called "capacity contract plus efficiency displacement and timely market", in which the capacity contract price is confirmed by the sum of fixed cost and variable cost. The other is called "capacity contract plus whole power quantity bidding and timely market", in which the capacity price is only determined by fixed cost.Furthermore, the realization of the pivotal mode of generation-side electricity market in Hunan province is expatiated in detail, which is named "capacity contract plus efficiency displacement and timely market" and operable and applied during 5 to 10 years in the future. Moreover, the confirmed principle, means and mathematic model of capacity contract quantity, capacity contract price and efficiency displacement, and bidding model, quote ways and mathematic model of bidding, bargaining and settlement in timely market of the pivotal mode are discussed in detail. The feasibility and superiority of the pivotal mode of generation-side electricity market are analyzed by illustration. Additionally, the power supply towards big consumers and the trade of connective grids are materially researched in this paper.System simulation and actual application test prove the reliability and feasibility of these two modes, which are propitious to realize the steady transition and operation of electricity market and achieve the optimal resource arrangement, and the reduction of total generation cost and the decrease in the consumer's price as well, thus promotes the rapid development of industry and agriculture. These two modesalso provide reliable and feasible project for the division between generation and transmission and bidding of power system in Hunan province or China.
Keywords/Search Tags:Generation-side electricity market, Bidding mode, Capacity contract, Efficiency displacement, Whole power quantity bidding, Timely market
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