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Research On Shareholding Transformation Reform & Ipo Of Four State-Owned Commercial Banks

Posted on:2005-11-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360125959105Subject:Agricultural Economics and Management
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The main developed countries in the world, such as Great Britain, America, etc. haverealized the establishment of a shareholding system of the commercial bank in the 19th century.For a long time, shareholding system has occupied main status in commercial banks system ofthe world. These foreign countries begin to study the problems of the whole management andadministration of the bank emphatically. Also, the bank merging becomes a topic anddeveloping trend in recent years. The obvious result appeared in the Chinese financial field reforms began in "the 14thNational Congress" of the party, establishing the basic frame of the market economic system.From then on, Chinese four state-owned commercial banks changed from the specializedbanks to the commercial banks smoothly, implementing the commercialization reform.Because the historical burdens are heavy and the managing ideas are faint in the state-ownedcommercial banks of our country, it is difficult to realize the operation at a high speed for ahuge organization, and the result of management is not obvious under the competitionsituation that the foreign banks and domestic shareholding commercial banks are developing.The issuing and implementing of company law and law for commercial bank has establishedthe foundation of legal system for reform of the state-owned commercial banks. This paper takes the for state-owned commercial banks' shareholding reforms and IPO asthe research objects, employing methods of concluding, demonstrating, analyzing andcomparing to investigate the reasons. The following are the main contents of this paper. 1. During more than 20 years Chinese reforms, it is formed "Bank Leading Model" thatthe People's Bank of China and Chinese Banking Supervising and Management Board as theleaders, the state-owned commercial banks as the subject, other non-bank financialorganizations coexist and help each other. The four state-owned commercial banks' reform anddevelopment follow Chinese overall reform on banking system, but now we have not set upthe modern banking system of property right pluralism yet. 2. After China took part in the WTO, foreign banks and domestic shareholdingcommercial banks threat the state-owned commercial banks' position day by day, so the bankreforms imperatively. This paper states that the shareholding system transformation is a way ofmainstream of the reform of the state-owned commercial banks, and states the short, middle,long goals. In this paper, the writer puts forward to the innovative modes of the management—Chain Operation Management Mode. 3. Foreign banks' merging and recombination are prevailing. The pluralism of investmentsubjects is good for promoting bank management, protecting depositors and investors. Thispaper states the innovation of the stock right mode—Deposit Stock Right System, which willevade the restraint of "Agreement of Basel" about debt issue, and strengthen the capabilities ofthe state-owned commercial banks. 4. It is common that foreign banks and domestic shareholding commercial banks expandstheir own scales through IPO, which offer the successful experiences for the state-ownedcommercial banks. IPO is an important link during the shareholding transformation system,but not an essential link. IPO is a way, not a purpose. It is the most important that bank shouldperfect the structure of managing. 5. The IPO bank should observe the relevant regulations on the capital market, andshould publish the public indexes on the standard of the IPO enterprises. This paper states theRAROC model and enumerates 3 public indexes: the profit ability index, the debt payingability index and the cash supportability index. 6. It is popular about which ways and methods of the shareholding transformation systemthe state-owned commercial banks should adopt. This paper sums up several disputes aboutshareholding transformation reform and IPO, and propose the importance of right systemreform...
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