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On How To Be Qualified President Of Bank

Posted on:2004-09-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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This thesis consists of the Foreword and three parts. The Foreword gives an introduction to the reason, object and scope of the thesis. Part I, Character of Bank President (Chapter I-III), makes a survey on the emergence and the character of bank president. Part II, Concept of Presidential Management (Chapter IV-VIII), surveys on the required management concepts for bank president. Part III, Conduct of Presidential Management (Chapter IX-XII), discusses the conduct principle of president in specific management.Chapter I retraces the transformation of bank president's role as the agent of currency exchanges into a professional manager. Under modern banking system, bank president is the banking manager who, authorized by the proprietor of the bank, takes charge of the bank's overall management and operation. For the reason of his emergence, bank president comes as the result of social division of labour and business pursuit of profit. The expansion of president's character and function corresponds to the market development. As the market further pushes the transformation of banking system, it inevitably demands a class of professional managers, and thus the emergence of modem bank presidents. At present, the presidents of Chinese state-owned banks are not professional managers in its full sense. There is not yet a class of fully professionalized bank presidents in China. This can be contributed to the history of the transformation of Chinese banking system. However, with the further development of the reformation, the separation of the rights and obligations of ownership and management, and the formation of president replacement mechanism under market conditions, the presidents of Chinese state-owned banks will eventually become professional managers in the real sense, forming the professionalized president class in China.Chapter II further discusses the role of bank president. Under modem banking system, president plays the role of an agent. In terms of an individual bank, the functions of the president can be understood with the Theory of Manager's Role formulated by the Canadian scholar, Henry Mintsburg. Considered from the angle of society, the role of bank president is the preserver and provider of social funds and resources, the middleman of payment and settlement, and the creator of credit, etc. The key roles for the presidents of Chinese state-owned banks to play at present are policy maker, operation organizer, and rights protector of corporate person, etc. Of course, these roles might vary according to different banking organizations and systems.Chapter III formulates the requirements for modem bank president. The development of banking industry in the 21st century expresses the seven characteristics of laissez-faire, internationalization, comprehensiveness, information orientation, gigantism, transparency, risk magnification, etc. All these require the management of a qualified bank president. Shouldering the three historical tasks of role transformation, economic system reformation, and financial system innovation, president of Chinese state-owned bank must bear the qualities of politician, reformist, and entrepreneur. At present the qualities of the presidentsof state-owned banks obviously cannot meet the above requirements. Therefore, the mechanisms of interest, reputation, and training, etc., need to be reformed and improved to cultivate qualified bank presidents.Chapter FV discusses bank president's financial concept. In a commercial bank, all issues of cash flow are included in the scope of finance. The object of financial management is the value movement corresponding to the use value movement of currency as the special commodity. President must have the concepts of profit, cost, capital control, financial environment, and proprietor finance, which should be given the same emphasis as the presidential management concepts of credit treasury and marketing. Aiming at the fundamental issues in bank financial management, president must, with the concept of comprehensive cost manageme...
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