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Boundary Effects Research, And Cross-border Sub-regional Economic Cooperation

Posted on:2005-06-29Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:T L LiFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360125960025Subject:Human Geography
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Form the view of human geography, using synthetically theory and method of international economic and trade geography, institutional economic and relatively social science, this thesis discloses the impact of border, effect of border and location of border to transborder regional cooperation, and the character of movement mechanism, the institutional arrangement and transborder organization in order to enrich the theory of transborder economic cooperation and develop the research scope of the human geography. On the basis of resuming and analyzing the impact of essence of border and effect of border to the transborder regional economic cooperation, from the view of the enterprises centralization, this thesis mainly discusses the character of the locations of border region and the impact factors in the course of the transformation of effect of border. Based on above views, the transformation and character of the mechanism, institutional arrangement and organization structure of transborder economic cooperation have been discussed. It is impacted intensely by border, because it is not just an economic behavior for transborder economic cooperation, but a kind of economic, social and cultural phenomena. In essence, border has properties of "contradiction","complexity"and "transformation". The impacts of border to transborder economic cooperation include shield effects and agency effects. The shield effects to transborder embody not only apparently, such as tariff wall and non-tarriff wall, but also recessively, such as society, culture and mentality. Generally, border is a dividing line of spatial identify, attribution, faithfulness and spatial cognition. Thus, the shield effects of border increase the transaction-cost of the transborder economic cooperation. The agency effects of border make the border region a firms centralizing areas, and by the analysis of mechanism of firms centralization of border region, this thesis sets up a mechanism of firms centralization of border region theory model, then, many important summations have been made which they followed:the powers of firms centralization in border region comes from firms seeking income surplus and cost surplus, which impact each other; the implement mechanism of firms centralization is the cost reducing, including the cost of factors, spatial contact and market transaction. For income surplus, including the developing of market area and reducing the product prices; in the firms vertical centralization of border region, the powers of cost surplus are dominantly, and in the higher phase of firms centralization, both the income and cost surplus impact the firms centralization; in the firms horizontal centralization, both implement power interweaves. In the studying of transborder economic cooperation, on the basis of defining of the concept of transborder economic cooperation, the type and character of cooperation and on summing up of aims of the cooperation, the thesis mainly discusses the mechanism of reducing the shield effects of border for transborder institutional arrangement and organization structure. Some important conclusions as follow: transborder institutional arrangement and transforms of transborder organization structure can reduce the shield effects of border; during the development of transborder economic cooperation, there are institutional changing and transforming of organization structure; in the view of the character of the institutional change and transformation of organization structure, transborder economic cooperation can divided into three phases, that are the phases of governments dominanting, firms dominanting and promoting by governments, firms, folks formal and informal organization. In the view of space, Firms, being the most important actor, transborder economic cooperation is the expansion of organization structure, and in the view of organization structure, is the linking of networks among firms. Firms transborder cooperation exhibits mainly the kind of relax and informal networks re...
Keywords/Search Tags:border, effect of border, the location of border region, transborder economic cooperation, institution and organization, networks
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