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Herders Of Inner Mongolia To Increase Research

Posted on:2006-01-26Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360152490934Subject:Political economy
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As far as Inner Mongolia is concerned, it is an important task to raise the income of the herdsmen for the comprehensive construction of well-off society. However the slow increase in their income has become the main bottleneck to realize the task. How to change that situation has been the major work of the autonomous region government as well as one of the focal point in the academic field. From the point of system and ecology, this article analyses the basic reason which leads to the poverty of the herdsmen and believe the key factor to increase their income is to strengthen the investment from the central government. Introductory Remarks: it mainly talks the theoretical and practical significance to raise the herdsmen's income. It is a brief introduction of the basic studying framework and content as well as the studying method concerned in the whole article. Chapter I: the basic situation of herdsmen, pastureland and animal husbandry. Here it mainly talks about the basic concept and character of "three herd" and the difference between herdsman and farmer. It analyses the fluctuant tendency of the herdsmen's income in recent years. At the same time it elaborates the relationship between herdsman and the grassland environment and therefore we can get such a conclusion that grassland is the means of production and the living environment for the herdsmen. From that it provides clue for the further analysis of the slow growth of herdsmen's income. Through the above analysis, we draw a conclusion that the lower income of herdsmen has a direct relation with the adverse ecological environment in the grassland. Chapter II: the current situation of the resources in Inner Mongolia grassland. Here it elaborates the important role of grassland in the national economy from the three pole industries of Inner Mongolia, ecological protection, the green industry and animal husbandry. On the basis of the introduction of the history and current situation of animal husbandry development in grassland, it gives a deep analysis of the challenge which the ecology faces in the Inner Mongolia grassland. Its purpose is to explain the reason which leads to the herdsmen poverty from the point of ecology and provide a clue for the theory of controlling the environment to increase the herdsmen's income. Chapter III: the economic growth model under the traditional system in our country. First of all, there is an analysis for the economic growth model under the traditional system and a systematical historical background elaboration of the strategy of priority development of heavy industry and the planned economy system. Then there is an analysis of the difficult position of China's agriculture and the serious consequences in the pastureland at that time. And in the end, it draws a conclusion from the hard economy development. Its purpose is to explain the reason which leads to the herdsmen poverty from the point of system and provide a clue for the theory of environmental system to increase the herdsmen's income. Chapter IV: the basic thought of improving herdsman income. Firstly, from the point of economy, it studies the possibility and feasibility of increasing income which must be involved with the non-market factor and clears the key field for capital investment. And it also makes clear that the achievement of the ecological environmentcontrol is attributed to the herdsmen and they must get their payment. According to the actual situation of the overpopulation and shrinking of grassland in the pastureland, the only way to increase the herdsmen's income is to transfer the overlabors in the pastureland and make a specific plan for it. According to the requirement of the scientific development, it emphasizes on the importance of the harmony in the pastureland. It includes the harmonious development of pastureland and city, the economy development in the rural area population and grassland resources etc. Finally, it explores how to develop the feature animal husbandry. On the basis of the introduction of the content and character of...
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