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Research And Empirical Study Of The Internationalization Process Of China's Non-State Owned Enterprises

Posted on:2005-10-19Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H B YouFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152965777Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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Economic globalization is an important characteristics and ongoing trend in the development of world economy since the 1990s. It not only brings about dramatic changes in environment of corporate growth but also facilitates the internationalization of corporate operation. As reform and opening to the outside pave the way for China to become globalized, China's entry into WTO symbolizes the intense degree in integration of national businesses into the global economy. With the tendency of economic globalization, it is imperative for China's enterprises to adjust their development strategy and to integrate themselves into the tide of economic globalization. It is the case with Chinese NSOEs - an important constitution of China's economy.The dissertation definitely presents the theory of multinationals in developing countries guides the theory of internationalized operation of China's NSOEs, based on the proper definition of NSOEs and corporate internationalization. It also gives an indicator to evaluate the level of corporate internationalization, from the perspective of broad sense of corporate internationalization. The dissertation firstly analyzes development environment of China's NSOEs and secondly concludes that internalization is an important approach to enhancing China's NSOEs'domestic and global competitiveness and is an indispensable way to promoting China's economic growth and overall national strength. Finally, the dissertation demonstrates that internalized operation of China's NSOEs is still at the primary stage, based on the survey of internalized operation of NSOEs in Jiangsu and Zhejiang provinces.Starting from the intrinsic attributes of NSOEs, the dissertation explicitly proposes that China's NSOEs should integrate the two strategies-ward internaitonalization and outward internaitonalization. It also sets forth a series of specific feasible strategy for NSOEs how to become internationalized. NSOEs' intrinsic attributes and the inner and outer environment for development suggest that success of internationalization of NSOEs depends on their own efforts. However, effective and necessary government support can provide strong guarantee for China's NSOEs' internationalization.The complex international operational environment and NSOEs' intrinsic attributes mean that the internationalization process is also a one that struggle against an array of risks. Though various measures can be taken to ease the impact after the risks emerged, effective prevention is a key to the success of the internationalization process. Thedissertation construes a set of preventive system of NSOEs against risks of internationalized operation.
Keywords/Search Tags:Non-State Owned Enterprises (NSOEs), Inward Internationalization, Outward Internationalization, Foreign Direct Investment (FDI), Risks
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