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Study On The Political Strategy And Action Of Chinese Enterprises

Posted on:2005-07-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y Q GaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360152968603Subject:Business management
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As the proceeding of social democracy, legal system, and pluralism in China, the power of policy decision-making which influences businesses' operation will not solely belong to government. It will be a result of balance of various interests and powers. Businesses will not wait the coming of laws and policies negatively and accept their restrictions. They will participate in the government process and build a good political environment for themselves.The strategy that the enterprises seek to influence the policy decision-making and implementation to build a good market environment is called corporate political strategy(CPS), and the behavior to apply this strategy is called corporate political action(CPA). Following the competition in market, the competition in politics is another important field to enterprises. This paper does some researching in the corporate political strategy and action of Chinese enterprises based on strategic management theory. The paper firstly introduces the background, the purpose and significance of this research, reviews briefly the present literature on this topic, and gives out the main contents and structure of the paper.Motivation determines behavior. Therefore, discussing motivation is the beginning to study corporate political strategy and action. In this paper, the overseas studies on motivation of corporate political strategy and action, as well as other factors that influence corporate political strategy and action, are introduced. The motivation of corporate political strategy and action of Chinese enterprises is mainly discussed--- to cope with the impact of government. Through theoretical analysis and interviewing with some senior managers of Chinese enterprises, this paper uncovers the impact of government on enterprises in China.By discussing the characteristics of corporate political strategy and action of Chinese enterprises, that is, what are the political strategies and actions that Chinese enterprises can use, what they expect to get from government, and what resources they should have by doing so, what are the differences between Chinese enterprises' political actions and the west's, this paper formulates a framework of political strategy and action of Chinese enterprises.By integrating CPA theory and theory of marketing, this paper discusses the functional mechanism of corporate political strategy and action, that is, how enterprises achieve their expected political targets by taking corporate political strategy and action from the viewpoint of micro angle. By citing commitment-trust framework of relationship marketing in modern marketing theory, this paper develops the commitment-trust relation model for business-government relations, and points out the functional mechanism of corporate political strategy and action is in fact a dynamic commitment game between businesses and government. The content, process and risks of this commitment game are also discussed.The paper illustrates the corporate political strategy and action of Chinese enterprises. The CPSs that illustrated are direct participation strategy and institution innovation strategy. In discussing direct participation strategy, the stress lays on the participation of companies' congressmen. By analyzing the proposals proposed by companies' congressmen in Wuhan city and Hongshan district and investigating to some companies' congressmen, the paper concludes that the congressmen from companies are participating in congress "for the companies" to some extent. The research of institution innovation strategy uses case study. By the case study of Jili Group, a private company, which entered into auto industry successfully by institution innovation strategy, this paper considers in the transition period of Chinese society, enterprises try to force government to change the institutions, expand their space of survival and gain outside profit.Due to the abnormal when enterprises cope with the government, this paper also discusses the normal question of corporate political action of Chinese...
Keywords/Search Tags:corporate political strategy, corporate political action, motivation, function mechanism, commitment-trust framework, institution innovation, normalization
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