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On The Influence Of Political Participation To Changes Of Political Institution And At The Same Time On Reasons Of The Political Institution Alteration In Modern Age China

Posted on:2006-08-06Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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it is an important issue in political science that the change of political institution. Taking a comprehensive view of the mankind society, we can know that the changes of political institution are closely related to the political participation. From macroscopic side, the development of productive forces really comes to a decision the macroscopic change direction (pointing the substituting of social appearance) of political institution, but from the microscopic side, political participation takes the key role in the produce of the change of the political institution and it comes to a decision the microscopic direction of political institution. It reflects the inevitability that the development of productive forces decisive the change of institution, but it reflects the contingency that the people's political participation decides the change of institution, the history of human social political institution change is the combination result of the inevitability and the contingency.It is right that Historical materialism considers it is impossible that social appearance changes from the lowly class to high class if no class struggle and social revolution. But it is of no help to accurately hold the spirit substance of Historical materialism in brief and rough understanding the role of the people in the process of the politicalinstitution change. We can't explain why there are different social and political institution in the same productive forces level, and why there are different political institution form in capitalism nation. For answering these problems, we must more detailedly understand political participation, and know the political participation decisive the political institution with which aspects, which way and how degrees. And the same time, we must further understand that what decide and affect political participation.there are three passages from political participation to the changes of political institution (l)political participation →change of political common → changes of political institution ;(2) political participation→change of rule →changes of political institution ; (3) political participation → change of government authorities → changes of political institution . At the same time, the political culture, including the perception, emotion, attitude, worth etc, are used as influence towards person behavior. If the political culture is fit to the political system, people should support (positive participation) establishing of political system or existing, if the political culture is not fit to the political system, people would not support (negative participation or inhospitality in) establishing of political system or existing.There are three reasons for the multifarious alteration in Modern age China: first, there are too much enthusiasm of political participation against monarchy, so that authority role that represent monarchy by all means were eliminated by history; secondly, people know to against the monarchy, but don't know how to set up the republican; thirdly, feudalistic political culture is deeply rooted, and the new political culture do not establish.Current China is be placed in the process of the " ruling the country by law, develop socialism democracy" ,the key to realizes democracy in china with quantity citizen and deep history traditional is to develop environment outer political participation,...
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