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A Study On Chinese Governmental Regulation Of Natural Monopoly

Posted on:2006-06-11Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:X X HuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360155460708Subject:Administrative Management
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Deregulation of natural monopoly industries and reforms on governmental regulation of natural monopoly have been international trends in western countries since 1980s,which leads to introducing more market competition if necessary in some possible field and industries. Meanwhile, governmental regulation of natural monopoly industry has also transformed from sate-monopoly during the period of the planned economy to modern governmental regulation under the market economy. Although reforms on Chinese governmental regulation of natural monopoly industries have made preliminary progresses, the governmental regulation system of of natural monopoly industry keeps unchangeable. Traditional institutions of ministerial administration haven't made a fundamental transformation, which directly results in heavily inefficiency of governmental regulation .In general, researches on the governmental regulation have developed from the view point of economics and industry economics, which take industrial organizations, industrial structure, and manufacturer as subjects of these researches, attaching great importance to the improvement and study on methods and technologies of governmental regulation from microcosmic point of view. The dissertation aims to make a deep research into Chinese governmental regulations of natural monopoly industries from theoretical and practical viewpoint by analyzing the background of institutions concerning the system of modern governmental regulation, making an empirical research into the reform of electric power and taking advantage of the methodology of public administration, comparative and empirical analysis.Chinese governmental regulation of natural monopoly industries in is of much more particularity and complexity because of its inner developing logic and the intertexture of administrative-dominant monopoly and various interests. The dissertation is to identify that "State as Homo economics"—state and governmental departments acting as interest principal part involving into economic activities, making and sharing profits contributes to the confusion between government and business, results in administrative monopoly and industry monopoly with regards to the field of governmental regulation of natural monopoly industries through the analysis of the conflict and misplace of governmental tri-agent, division of the...
Keywords/Search Tags:Natural Monopoly, Regulation, Modern Government Supervision, System, Scarcity of System
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