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Study On Investment Risks And Conflict Analysis Of Mining Capital Market In China

Posted on:2006-11-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360155959081Subject:Mining engineering
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Mining capital market issue is the key to China mining jumped development. And now China mining capital market system is not only compared with international standard, but also get behind the which in other area, due to lack of understanding of the China mining's nature and the sticking point on the China mining capital market system development, and also neglecting the risk management of china mining capital market. Based on the review of the international and internal market development status, the paper discovered the principal conflict of China mining capital market from mineral resource-industry relying on capital market perspective, which are capital standard conflict caused by exogenous variable and from the mineral resources-industry nature which are management standard conflict caused by endogenetic variable. The capital standard conflict be acted through the mineral resources development and capital market out of joint, and the management standard conflict be acted through confusing the policy without distinction between resources industry and the other industry. Increment, efficiency, safety and credit are needed to the capital standard. Accordingly, Capital Standard Conflict are represented through many relations such as resources & capital, investment & efficiency, mining products price & its supply and demand, keep value way & risk control, open capital market & credit crisis, capital market undulation & mineral resources indeterminacy. Capital Standard Conflict reflects the accepting degree for the capital running to the mineral resource. High efficient, transparency and harmony are needed to the management standard. Management Standard Conflict are represented through the relations between mining characteristic & its management policy, mining income distribution & community harmony development. Management Standard Conflict reflects the reaction of the superstructure on the economic base. And then, the text give some suggestion to china mining capital market development, which given from system construction and countermeasure suggestion aspects...
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