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The Research About Mao Zedong's Views On Political Development From The Political Legitimacy

Posted on:2007-10-25Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Y J XuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360185457992Subject:Political Theory
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Political development is an important component of the development of human society, and it is a major task for every country. After the Opium War, China was facing the problem of modern political development . Mao Zedong led the Chinese communists to integrate the Marxist theory with political development realities in China,and put forward the political development views which accord with China's actuality. The thesis studies Mao Zedong's views on political development from the political legitimacy, and tries to note the Mao Zedong's views of political development on the theme of reconstruction and democracy.First of all, the thesis analyzes the principle of political legitimacy. This thesis asserts that the concept of legitimacy should evaluate more political things and should not evaluate single thing as an important analytical tool of modern political science for judging the legitimacy of a political thing. Political legitimacy refers to recognize the legitimacy of things. Countering the distinction of theory on political legitimacy, the thesis asserts that the legitimacy of experience and legitimacy of norms all had its advantages and disadvantages. We should integrate them when we analyze political affairs. On this basis, we should consider the political legitimacy from three dimensions.They are the legitimacy in...
Keywords/Search Tags:Political Legitimacy, Mao Zedong's Views on Political Development, The Legitimacy in Essence, The Legitimacy in Form, The Legitimacy in Way
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