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On The Growth Of Chinese Communist Party's Administrative Capacity In The Perspective Of Globalization

Posted on:2007-10-17Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360185478736Subject:Political Theory
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Globalization has led rapid development of contemporary human society living space are increasingly beyond the boundaries of national sovereignty territory in the world show-communication, communication, exchange and interaction between the objective historical process and trends. In the context of a market economy in the world is the phenomenon of globalization, the economic development foundation, the development of information technology is the material carriers of globalization. Modern science and technology brought about by the rapid development of transportation, communication means and the revolution in the media for the removal of the globalization of space and time barriers. It is economic globalization and the rapid spread of the impact of modern information technology, the world within the political structure, values, lifestyles, and many other areas in the event of imminent and profound revolutionary change. Socialism is concomitant with globalization, it is most concerned about the process of globalization, of course, and the ruling capacity growth will also face a revolutionary transformation.Party sixteenth that the Fourth Plenary Session of the party's ruling capacity is that the party presented and the use of correct theory, line, principles, policies and strategies, leading the development and implementation of the Constitution and laws, to take scientific leadership system and leadership, mobilize and organize the people to manage state and social affairs, economic and cultural undertakings and effective in running the party and country management, building modern socialist country. This concept is reflected in the general sense power requirements and reflects our party's ruling characteristics. According to the theoretical study of the concept of power to deepen need from the party's ruling philosophy, the basis of the ruling, the ruling strategy, the ruling regime, the ruling means, resources and the ruling power environment for exploring seven opinions. Accordingly, this paper to be in the following areas to be addressed and jointly maintain.(一) experience with the ruling power theory. Mainly from foreign experience and theoretical comparison of the ruling power, the ruling on the basic concept. Guiding philosophy is the ruling power of the fundamental values of activities. The most fundamental concept of our party is in power to serve the public and running and people-oriented. Especially the harmonious development of the concept of people-oriented is the ruling party of the new understanding of the concept.(二) with the main ruling party resources. Actual ruling power is the main object seen in the...
Keywords/Search Tags:globalization, CPC, Administrative ability, Legitimacy, Power resources, System, Scientific development concept, The Party's advanced nature
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