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Between The Ideal And Reality

Posted on:2008-03-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The public sphere is an important concept made by Habermas in his work Transformation of the Public Sphere, and it refers to a range between state and society which forms a public opinions .In this space , people can freely express their views and participate in social life management. It is a Utopian analysis frame, originally used to analyze the history and reality of capitalist society, and after coming to China, it has caused extensive debate. We believe that studying the public sphere theory originated in the west has great theoretical and practical significance for us. We must integrate the situation of China's social transformation, which based on China's national conditions, to make it more targeted, and well worth theoretic researching, when we use the area to analyze our situation, solve the practical problems.The paper is divided into five sections to interpret the issues on the public sphere in all aspects. Discuss as followed: the basic theory of the public sphere; the civilian consciousness foundation of the public sphere; the value orientation of the public sphere in order to explore the value intrinsic meaning ; Comprehension of the public sphere from history and reality ; the analysis of the public sphere function. At last, it is based on the construction of the public sphere in China's social transformation and sets in our country's history and reality, aiming at exploring the route and mode which construct the public sphere, and realizing the public sphere theory.ChapterⅠcenters on the study of the historical development in the field of public history, which is mainly a theoretical arrangement of the theory of the public sphere. In the west, the public sphere has a long history and tradition. In the cradle of human civilization of ancient Greece appeared the prototype of the public sphere, where the Citizens Assembly and public buildings became an important public space. Subsequently, the public sphere was in human medieval and the feudal period, when the ancient Greek spirit of public received a set-back and appeared as representative public sphere , one kind of dissimilation form, in the stage of human history. After the baptism of modern Renaissance and Enlightenment, mankind's ideological master Locke, Kant, Hegel and Marx conducted an unceasing research on the public domain theory and its critical spirit. Finally, it climbed up the peak by Arent and Habermas. Beyond the political authority, the civil liberty discussion of public affairs and the activity space of the participation in politics the public sphere obtains the approval and was established as a mature theory model. Personal concept, public opinion, civil society and so on has the very complicated relation with the public sphere.ChapterⅡmainly conducts the research from the ideological level of the public sphere issues. The citizens, as the main body of the public domain, not passive"being citizens", but positive"serving as citizens", perform the public rather than the populace, the peaceful populace, the subject. Modern civic awareness is the main psychological conditions of the main public areas and public's subjective mental state performance. Modern public awareness mainly consisting of awareness of participation, sense of responsibility, sense of contacts, and criticism must cultivate a modern civic awareness.Chapter III focuses on the value orientation in the public sphere. As a public domain analysis model, with various meanings, it is the concept of analysis as well as the concept of description. The most important thing is the concept of value. The public sphere not only has embodied the general value orientation which human society develops, also has demonstrated its unique value intrinsic meaning. This paper reveals the four values of the public sphere: deliberative democracy, freedom, fairness and tolerance.ChapterⅣmakes the analysis of the structure and function in the public sphere. The paper mainly obtains from the social structure , which points out dichotomy , trichotomy and quartation. The public sphere refers to the public space during which we supervise and control the public power authority between the country and the society.From history,Public sphere experienced the time transformation which was from the literature public sphere to the public sphere, during the history of the form of the public sphere. Seen from the significance of reality,public sphere mainly consists of four parts: the entity public sphere , community organization ,the mass media and social movements. The public sphere has the economical function, the political function and the social culture function in the social life.ChapterⅤis the paper's foot spot, namely the construction of the public sphere in China's social transition. Generally speaking, it has two kinds of routes: the civilian doctrine and the authority doctrine. Our country should persist in the mode of taking the government as the leadership and combining two routes. At present, China has been provided with economic and political conditions as well as the time background to construct the public sphere, that is, globalization, the modernization and the information. In order to construct the modern public sphere, we should start from the four,that is, cultivating the civil culture, constructing a modern civil society and developing the network of public sphere, as well as constructing the public service government.In brief, the public domain constructing influence will be profound, which lies in our country economy, political and social life. It is one of important work in our country perfect democratic politics, which must take a long-term goal to fulfill. Speaking of the modern China politics condition, without doubt, having the public domain special characteristic of the social structure have already appeared, and it is playing an important role in the political life. Certainly, the public domain is not the medicine which can treat all illnesses, and do not hope to solve China's existing and potential social problems through constructing the construction public domain. During the process of constructing the public domain, we must take notice of playing its active and positive role to avoid its negative, destructive effect, based on Chinese history and culture, the social tradition and the practical reality, to construct the public domain which conforms to China's national conditions.
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