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A Comparative Analysis Of The Institutional Reform Of Township

Posted on:2008-03-23Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Z J XingFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360215454678Subject:Scientific Socialism and International Communist Movement
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Whether or not the administrative reform of local government can be pushed forward successfully determines to a large extent the success or failure of the national administrative system and framework reform. While being the foundation of the administrative reform of local government, the administrative reform of village and town government is confronted with the most difficulties and resistances. Based on a large sum of cases and practical materials, the author of this thesis makes a pretty deep-level study of classification. According to the investigation on the administrative reform of village and town government in recent years and a hackling study of research achievements on the topic, the author makes a conclusion of two representative types of villages and towns, i.e. the towns in developed area (taking southern part of Jiangsu province as example) and the towns in developing area (taking northern Jiangsu as example). By this kind of case study and classification research and guided by the Deng Xiaoping's Theory about framework reform, the author summarizes the differences between the developed area and developing area in economic and social condition and government power and the reason leading to the differences with the theories of administration ecology and system economics. Correspondingly, developed area government reform is easier to bring the intercommunication from townspeople and government and governmental function transformation because of the transparent property right and mature citizen society. The unstinted governmental finance provides essential ensure to the public project and retied people, which makes the reform turned into rational recycle. However, developing area government reform is comparatively difficult by reason of blurry property right, immature citizen society, all-powerful government, stiff governmental function transformation, which makes the reform turned into malignant recycle gradually. During the framework reform of village and town, there are not only different aspects but also uniform pivots and difficulties in the two kinds of areas such as governmental function transformation and neatening redundant personnel. Aiming at the mutual aspects, the author puts forward some countermeasures such as taking the innovation of decision making system at the town level as breakthrough point; enhancing effect of the People's congress in the decision making system; making the relationship between the government and the enterprise as well as institutional unit harmonious, which is the center of transformation of the town level governmental function; withdrawing villages and uniting towns; neatening the rural government to cut the redundant personnel; simplifying the administrative process and releasing the power to make the relationship between the various sectors and those of higher-ups harmonious.
Keywords/Search Tags:Town level government, Framework reform, Comparative analysis, Countermeasures
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