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"People-oriented": Study Of The Value Orientation To The Socialism With Chinese Characteristics

Posted on:2008-08-01Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1116360215953134Subject:Marxist theory and ideological and political education
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"People oriented",is the concentrative manifestation of the new idea about the Party govern a nation ,the essential characteristic of the socialism harmonies society ,and the cardinal principle of the construction of the socialism harmonious society .Earnestly learning and assuring the important thought"people oriented"to correct understanding the basic connotation of socialism harmonious society , making sure the requirement of the construction of socialism harmonious society ,and advancing the construction of socialism harmonious society ,has the extremely important instructive significance .The article uses the historical origin and value idea of"people oriented"as the spiritual inside information ,it centers on why and how to persist"people oriented",construct the socialism with Chinese characteristics and so on .Along the thought route of persisting"people oriented"and every aspect of the Chinese characteristic socialism modernization ,first of all ,we inquire the historical development of"people oriented"and the inheriting and development of the Party and three generation of leaders to"people oriented".Second ,we discussed a number of important problems of the socialism modernization from"people oriented"visual angle ,including the construction of market economy ,the construction of cultural ,the construction of democracy and laws ,the innovation of legal system ,the construction of the idea of Party's administration and so on .Finally ,we state that the goal of this article is to persisting in"people oriented"and vigorously advancing the construction of socialism harmonious society .There are eight chapters in this paper .In chapter one ,we inspect the historical origin of people oriented in details .We answer what difference is between the Marxism people oriented and the Chinese traditional"take the people as this", what difference is between the Marxism people oriented and the west"humanism",as well as what people oriented is .By replying these problems ,in this chapter ,we attempt to grasp the historical origin and background of"people oriented"and reveal that"people oriented"is the social progress idea which manifests the spirit of the age ,is what is the theory essence of the Marxism .Paying close attention to human society development future and people's survival circumstance ,people has produced the entire Marxism theory and enabled this scientific theory to have the significant universal value .In chapter two, we discuss the three generation of leaders, inheriting and development to the people oriented of the Marxism .Mao Zedong, Deng Xiaoping, Jiang Zemin's development theories represent the different stages of the socialism development theory ,while the new period's view of science development is the inheriting and development of Party's three generation of leaders view of development .The view of science development emphasize taking the economic efficiency as the central intensive development path ,emphasize full-scale ,coordinate and sustainable development ,and emphasize taking"people oriented"as the key content of development .The first generation of collective leadership which takes Mao Zedong as the core propose that"serving the people wholeheartedly"is the CCP's basic objective in the entire party and the highest standard of the Chinese Communists'action ,and we should work hard for this .The second generation of collective leadership which takes Deng Xiaoping as the core ,highly hold the banner of reform and opening up ,resolve the important question of how to make people's living better ,in fact it is how to implement the new practice of"serving the people wholeheartedly"in the new historical period .Development is the last word ,a series of policies such as letting some people get rich first and so non reflect the thoughts of people oriented and governance for the people . The third generation of collective leadership which takes Jiang Zemin as the core ,in view of the current political situation ,proposed the important thinking of"Three Represents".Comrade Hu Jintao's important speech"July 1"profoundly expounded the essence of important thinking"Three Represents",this is firmly grasping the public and governing for the people ,this is the most important signs of measuring whether we truly understand and practice"three represents"or not ,and propose deeply"Power for the people ,show concern for them and the people's interests".Through the above ,we can see that"people oriented ,govern for the people"is the inheriting and development of Mao Zedong's Thought ,Deng Xiaoping's Theory and the Three Represents ,and is the new requirements which our Party put forward in the new period .In chapter three ,we discuss the important role which"people oriented"played in the process of building the Chinese socialist political civilization .In the 16th National Party Congress report ,our Party has clearly proposed the concept of socialist political civilization .Emphasizing the development of socialist democratic politics and building socialist political civilization is an important target of building a well - off society .In the Third Plenum of the 16th CCP Central Committee ,our Party went further in proposing the scientific concept of development -people oriented ,which establishing a scientific values and guiding principles for us to actively promote socialist political civilization .On the basis of political ideas of fully understanding and accurately grasp the building of the socialist political civilization and people oriented ,we should adhere to the ideology and principle of people oriented ,efforts to practice the fundamental purpose"people oriented and governing for the people",fully develop the reform and innovation of"political awareness","political system"and"political act",efforts to promote the construction and development of the political civilization of the socialism with Chinese characteristics .In chapter four,we discuss the relationship between"people oriented"and construction of socialist market economy ."People oriented"is the basis of a harmonious socialist society ,therefore ,it is the focal point for building a socialist harmonious society .From the center ,it would not be possible to build a socialist harmonious society and to enforce the"people oriented".Taking economic construction as the central task is to achieve a people oriented basis ,while people oriented is the development as the central task of economic construction .So how can we link the idea of people oriented to the construction of socialist economy? This chapter is trying to turn"people oriented"into the idea of taking economic construction as the center :One is injected from the goal ,taking the full development of people as the goal of economic development ;the second is injected from the means ,promoting economic development by"human"approach .Thus taking the entire development view and development frame into"to take developing the human resources as the core"gradually from the past"to take developing the material resources as the core",namely moving towards advancing the development of the contemporary Chinese economy by the construction of human resources ability in particular the cultivation of independent innovation ability .In chapter five ,we discuss the human care that"people oriented"approach to the construction of socialist culture .In April 2005 when Comrade Hu Jintao inspected in Shan Dong ,he stressed that we should fully understand the strategic significance of strengthening the construction of socialist culture ,closely integrate the guiding status of Marxism in the ideological field with the prosperous development of socialist culture of ideology ,closely integrate the development of education ,science and culture with the construction of strengthening ideological and moral ,and provide spiritual motivation and intellectual support for the reform ,opening up and modernization .These ideas for how we should fully understand the strategic significance of the construction of socialist culture ,how we should understand implementing the people oriented ideology ,and how to strengthen the important strategic measures of construction of socialist culture ,has the great and far - reaching significance .This chapter ,starting from the significance of the construction of socialist culture ,detailed analysis the relationship between the construction of socialist culture and the scientific development concept of people oriented ,and propose a number of measures how to persist"people oriented"to guild the advanced construction of socialist culture .In chapter six ,we detailed discuss the relationship between"people oriented"and the improvement and development of construction of socialist democracy and legal system .Since the late 1970s to early 1980s ,in China the concept of"law"has been mentioned .Particularly in China after the strategy of"according to law"established ,the academic circles have given a wide range of concerns and issues to be discussed through the reasonable of the law ,the value of the law ,the legal system and the rule of the law .The certain progress has been made in the construction of the legal humanities spirit :such as ,abolishing criminal analogy system ,implementing the principle of official crime ,absorbing the principle of the presumption of innocence in the criminal procedure ,paying attention to"people oriented"and reforming the administrative licensing system in executive and the legislature ,in particular the strengthening of human rights legislation and so on .Nevertheless ,the inadequate of the fostering and research that"people oriented"as a foundation for the rule of law is still an unavoidable situation ,which resulted in whether theory or practice ,the problems about the purpose of the rule of law value― concern for human values and the training and development of personality ,have not been received due attention and resolution .So these problems must inevitably affect the accurate understanding and the scientific implementation of"legally rule a nation".Because the construction of rule of law need not only the fact of the perfect legal system ,what's more important is ,but also the spirit of supporting the rule of law with"people oriented".That is to say ,the starting point and ultimate objective of the rule of law has to be grounded in caring human being ,otherwise ,the mind of Mankind's pursuit of the rule of law must be against .Reconstruction of the"people oriented"spirit of the rule of law ,is the focus and inevitability of building the rule of law in contemporary China .In chapter seven ,we discuss the importance what people oriented is for strengthening the abilities of Party's administration .The problem what this paper answers is which kind of philosophy after the ruling CCP .This is not only the fundamental problem that the Party is facing and have to resolve that"whom"and"how to govern",but also related to the major issue of the Party's future and destiny .Historical experience shows that without a correct philosophy ,the Party will not be able to complete the mission of ruling ,let alone to consolidate the Party's ruling status .In Fourth Plenum of the 16th CCP Central committee ,the decision to strengthen the Party's ability of administration fully realize the"Three Represents"Thought ,and penetrate the"people oriented"Philosophy .And this chapter is standing at the height of the times ,choose one important point ,consider the concept of governance from the construction of the ability of Party's administration ,put forward the overall objective of strengthening the abilities of Party's administration from the perspective that whom our Party ruling ,and reveals that"serve the public and govern for the people"is the philosophy of"people oriented",namely"people centered",it is not only the moral standards of political power ,but also the political criteria which is decided by the purpose of nature of the CCP and the socialist state system .So no matter what kind of historical reform has been happening ,no matter what kind of arduous test has been facing ,Party should focus on the people ,and always be the ruling Party of"serve the public and govern for the people".The chapter eight is the part of the core ,we discuss the significance that"people oriented"is to the harmonious socialist society with Chinese characteristics .Harmonious society theory is the inhering and development for the Marxist theory on socialism .Building a harmonious society is the inevitable requirement that our Party promote reform ,opening up modernization and realize the goal of an overall well―off target .The concept of scientific development of"people oriented"and the goal of building a socialist harmonious society ,show that our party has reached new height about the socialist construction ,our Party's theory and innovation capability of building socialism with Chinese characteristics has become more and more mature ,and China's socialist society has entered a stage of a harmonious society .This chapter starting from the new idea of construction of harmonious society ,analysis and reveals that the relationship between"people oriented"and the construction of a harmonious society is the key values of"people oriented"and the all―round development .Then ,in the thinking of how to insist on that"people oriented"build a harmonious society ,we propose and detailed analyze in contemporary China the problem of"three rural",the rational use of natural resources ,the social security system ,"human resource strategy","harmonious world"and so on ,we state some insights how to solve these problems .So eventually we conclude that ,in the progress of constructing a harmonious society ,the harmonious advances the person and the nature ,the person and the person ,the person and the social country have been truly realized only when our Party around the core values of"people oriented"and the all-round development ,carry on the theoretical innovation of the value of supporting to construct the stage of a harmonious society ,and carry on the innovation of the stage system of a harmonious society .
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