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Research On Power Control Under The Circumstance Of Political Civilization

Posted on:2008-04-24Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The power restriction has been an issue in a long term of discussion and upgrade.Has and develops the indispensable strength as the human society, the authority always is the humanity lives in a sight core concept and the category. Regardless of is in the history in the reality, people's life all occupies in the authority field territory, involves, the control and the leadership for the authority, may say, the entire humanity's social life historic course is one is revolving unceasing gambling which the authority launches, The exploration and exerts the struggle the process. As one kind of social resources, the authority may the achievement great enterprise, benefit the humanity, also may abuse by the human, manufacture world disaster. Facing did the authority this kind of both sides attribute, how inquire about the authority the ideal movement pattern and the function way, prevented the authority to hierarch's corrosion and to people's violation, causes the authority to move on the safe track, then has become humanity's diligently value pursue and through ancient times the invariable common desire.Without a doubt, all has the extremely significant theory significance and the practice value to the authority restriction research in any time, in particular is in the big transformation, the big reforming time country regarding our such one, its significance especially is obvious. How does the question key study it, studies it from in any type time background and the words linguistic environment, can cause the authority the movement finally to tally the time and people's prospect, achieves an ideal running status, true benefitting in humanity. Present, our country entered the reform development the crucial phase, economic system profound transformation, social structure profound change, benefit pattern profound adjustment, thought idea profound change. This kind of unprecedented social transformation, develops the progress for our country to bring the huge vigor, also brings like this such contradiction and the question inevitably. Both the opportunity very much and is beset with difficulties, also the achievement has the question rebirth strikingly, is a prospect happy and the contradictory in relief coexisting time.The political civilized topic and the prospect official establishment, proposed without doubt for the authority restriction pattern construction the new request, the goal, the angle of view, the two complement one another. At the same time, comes from the political civilization finally direction and the foothold is the authority movement civilization, carries on the law philosophy ponder and the real diagnosis research to the authority phenomenon and the authority control, Not only constructs the important issue which the socialism country under the rule of law must solve, moreover also is constructs the socialism politics civilization the basic need, does not have the authority restriction not to be able to have the political civilization. On the other hand, the political civilization construction intrinsic value to has provided the new angle of view for the authority restriction pattern new construction. Is precisely based on the authority restriction research importance and the political civilization construction prospect, these two reasons, the author only then decided the authority restriction research took own doctoral dissertation topic, and the entity justice and the procedure just construction took the main agreement into and the analysis angle of view, has determined own mentality and the research primary intention by this.This article the authority restriction research needs to embark from the political construction linguistic environment, mainly uses analysis methods and so on Marxism politics, comparative analysis, system analysis, system analysis achieves the research aim. The paper master line mainly centers on four different duties to launch. First, to the political civilization, the authority, the authority restriction basic concept makes the analysis, is clear about the authority restriction to the political civilization construction practical significance. Second, the Western authority restriction thought source and course and the historical pattern makes a brief comprehensive review, the elaboration basic experience and the enlightenment. Third, to the authority restriction value dimension and the regular boundary, the gambling pattern and the basic structure makes an in one's power system analysis. Fourth, makes an experimental construction to the Chinese characteristic authority restriction system construction way and the way.From this, the paper divides into the introduction, the main text and the conclusion three parts in the entire structure.Introduction part key elaboration and confession this article research origin, research present situation, theory tool and research way. The author believed that, since took a calendar for a long time has made up the new eternal subject, the authority restriction discusses always all is China and the West educational world attention domain, the different time researcher is frequently based on the different angle research authority question, unfailing territory. Regardless of is after West's or the reform and open policy China, the educational world all authority restriction research all has yielded the substantial result, founded the authority restriction thought from these classical writers already to integrate to during the social politics life widespread practice. But, the scientist has the flaw and the blind spot to the authority restriction research, if the Western educational world studies much to authority restriction these is studies the authority from the capitalism political stand the restriction question, has the obvious capitalism color, the limitation obviously. The classical writer also are many to the authority question research is from the national stratification plane, from the government authority assignment stratification plane, keeps in balance the angle from the authority to study the authority the restriction question. Modern behaviorism and latter behaviorism overemphasize to the authority restriction question research behavior setting at variance. Our country educational world had the research angle of view and the orientation generally to the authority restriction research quite is unitary, the rational construction and the rational analysis still treats the sublimation, the actual operation way pending deepens, the analysis method quite is deficient, some elementary theory question Shang Dai cleans up, and so on questions, still some many domain pending development, also some many question Shang Daili was clear.The main text divides into five chapters, the concrete content and the structure arrangement are:First chapter, the authority restriction concept mediates the general theory analysis. Thought is originates from the people, the authority has generalized and division of the narrow sense, the generalized authority concept is a coverage broad, also is a concept which a segmentation angle gives, may subdivide for political authority, economical authority, cultural authority, social authority and so on.Second chapter, authority restriction thought source and course and historical pattern. The authority restriction thought and the Western politics origin is equally ancient. The west ancient times the authority restriction thought might trace to ancient Greece famous scholar Asia in gentleman Dude, he and hereafter Iraqi wall dove Lu, Pori compared Arab League, west Xylenum were taken together was the ancient times West authority restriction thought spokesman. The western modern times authority restriction thought is in ferments and carries on the bourgeois revolution then establishment and in the consolidated capitalist system process proposed gradually that, and keeps in balance the theory by the authority the form to develop and to complete.Third chapter, authority restriction value dimension and regular boundary. The authority restriction primary purpose realizes the political civilization, namely, causes the authority to move in on the standard order track, prevented the authority disassimilation and the authority relations inversion and the dislocation, guarantee originate and produce in people's authority finally serve the people. Looked from the time and the political civilization development direction standard angle that, categories and the vector and so on democracy, justice, are the authority restriction basic value latitudes.Fourth chapter, authority restriction gambling relations and basic mechanism. The author believed that, the authority restriction is to the authority rules and regulations and the restraint, is between the different authority gambling and the contest, therefore has the different authority gambling pattern, generally speaking main performance for state power and social authority, central authority and place authority, administrative authority and legislation authority, judicial authority, these three kind of gambling relations.Fifth chapter, Chinese characteristic authority restriction system construction way. How constructs has the Chinese characteristic authority restriction system, is contemporaneity topic which our party and the theorists always pays attention and takes highly, also is a basic foothold which this article analyzes is at.This article in the research process, tries hard the logic reasoning form which gets rid thinks purely debates, uses the real diagnosis analysis method with every effort, unifies the theory and the practice. The entire paper has highlighted the system analysis and the way construction, the main attempt is take the authority restriction as a master line, attempts from under the political civilization linguistic environment, take the entity justice and the procedure justice as the regular boundary, then provides some exploring for the Chinese characteristic authority restriction system construction reform to suggest, Although still could not construct the authority restriction completely the analysis frame, but still hoped obtained some to manifest the authority restriction general rule the objective judgment, the standard conception and the operation way .Certainly, this article research does not earnestly seek the goal which gets it over and done, because a this also firmly non-paper can complete the duty, this is merely a research opening. Moreover, this article selects takes the angle of view which is past worthies few fords into, the mistake and the careless mistake place of is unavoidable, but also asks Fang Jia to criticize makes corrections, the author also will continue along this research direction to discuss from now on.
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