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Study On Optimization Of Pushed Military Supply Chain

Posted on:2010-06-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:R P ZhangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1116360275463180Subject:Transportation planning and management
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As the carrier for military material support,military supply chain is the lifeblood of modern war.The modern high-tech war is more and more depending on the military supply chain.To a certain extent,the competition among logistics is mainly the competition among military supply chains.Compared to theory innovation and practice of the U.S.military supply chain and successful operating of business supply chain,theory research and practice of our military supply chain has just come to start.At present,few scholars in the military supply chain have made some macro studies,mainly involving the concept,areas and content of military supply chain;the necessity and feasibility of military supply chain; the application of some enterprises supply chain technology in the military supply chain, however,there is no systematic and in-depth research.To further enrich and improve military logistics theoretical system,improve our military material support for the rapid reaction capability and integrated support capabilities,and provide theoretical support adaptability for strengthening our military's supply chain in the new era of military strategy,this dissertation will try to further enrich the basic theory of military supply chain and vendor selection,location and military inventory management in military supply chain.This dissertation will:(1)Analyse the structural model of currently military supply chain and their driven pattern based on the characteristic of materials supply.Combining with the characteristic of military supply chain,identify the military supply chain core member, and further enrich the basic theory of military supply chain.(2)Combining the evaluation factors of business vendor and materials vendor of U.S.Army,set up an index system,and then provide a composite approach consisting of ANP and entropy rightly,which improves the objectivity of the vendor selection.(3)According to the diversities of need characteristic in peacetime and wartime, and the different requestes for time,cost and security,build suitable location models for various condition to choose the material warehouse locality,which presents a quantitative analysis method for optimizing warehouse system in military supply chain.(4)Analyse the serviceability of VMI inventory management pattern for different kinds of military materials.Study corresponding military supply chain structure further. According to military material demand characteristics,analyse the different types of inventory control strategies of certainty and uncertainty condition,make a in-depth study on inventory control strategy of wartime based on time object.(5)Analyse the mutual relations of different units in military supply chain,propose a method to establish the model of the combined location routing and inventory problem for the two-echelon distribution network in the military supply chain,design a heuristic algorithm for this model.
Keywords/Search Tags:Military supply chain, Vendor choice, Location model, Inventory control strategy, Composite evaluation, Mixed integer programming
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