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Inventory Control Model Research Of Military Equipment In The Environment Of Sc

Posted on:2011-02-22Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:W B WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2196330338490130Subject:Control Science and Engineering
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Inventory management is the important content of military equipment supply chain management, the inventory quantity not only affects the cost of a warehouse, but also affects the level of supply support, it becomes the key factor of the equipment to inventory control. The warehouse could not only reduce cost but also improve filling rate by effective inventory management, so it is very important to make strategy of inventory to optimize supply chain.Based on introducing the theories and methods of supply chain management and the classic policy of inventory management in the supply chain, the author analyzes the structure of inventory management of two kinds of equipment and puts forward a policy of quick transshipment which is checked at the fixed time in a period, then researches the controlling on the lead time. After analyzing the inventory cost and filling rate, the author presents inventory control model with quick transshipment and multi-echelon inventory with controllable lead time. The main contents of this thesis are as followed:(1)Current condition of multi-echelon inventory management is introduced, and then the author analyzes the inventory management from five main aspects and discuses current condition of equipment inventory management.(2)Four kinds of basic policy on inventory management are presented in the theories and methods of supply chain management. And then deterministic model and stochastic model are classified and analyzed. This provides a base on studying military equipment inventory management in the environment of SC.(3)After analyzing the characteristic and disciplinarian of communication equipment inventory management, the author puts forward a policy of quick transshipment which is checked at the fixed time in a period, then founds single-echelon model with backorders and single-echelon with quick transshipment, and then presents solution method. By case studying, it can be gotten that the new policy is more ascendant.(4)Based on researching the single-echelon model of military equipment, a two-echelon inventory management model with quick transshipment is developed. The author analyzes the structure of inventory cost and filling rate of warehouses, and then presents the optimal solution of the system model by simulation method.(5)Considering particularity such as repeated using and lot-consuming of the military maintenance equipment, the author adopts continuous review (r, Q) policy, and then founds a multi-echelon inventory model with filling rate constraint and controllable lead time and presents the algorithm to work out optimization model. At last, numerical examples are presented to analyze the disciplinarian between safety factor, filling rate and all-in cost.
Keywords/Search Tags:Military Supply Chain, Inventory Control, Quick Transshipment, Fill Rate, Stock-out Quantity, Order Quantity
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