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Study On Sustainable Development Strategy Of Chinese Football

Posted on:2002-08-02Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:Q L ZhuFull Text:PDF
GTID:1117360092460168Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Every evolution requires a set of complete and systematic theory as its guideline. Through the past ten years' reform and development, Chinese football has obtained valuable experience and formed primarily a developing theory possessing the Chinese characteristics. However, it is significant as to how to conduct a further analysis and research to solve the problems confronted by Chinese football during its course of reform and development by exercising the theory of sustainable development.Due to the developing model of the plan economy carried out for long, the sports functional departments are on the point of transition in the course of the national economic system transiting to the market economy. In order to have the development of football adapt to the requirements of the changes of the market economy, we should, above all, have an open ideology, turning the past closed managing model into an open one, thus conducting scientific management on football by exerting macroscopic readjustment and control.This dissertation starts by studying the actual developing condition of Chinese football and establishes a theoretical framework of the sustainable development of by exercising the theory of sustainable development. Moreover, it directs macro supervision over the development of football by combining the theory of dissipation structure. This research is highly significant in both theory and reality. There is no previous research on the football theory in this field before.In the research, this dissertation adopts the methods of documents and materials, investigation, interviewing experts, questionnaire and mathematical statistics.The research is conducted in the following two aspects:First, in accordance with the theory of sustainable development as well as the actual developing condition of Chinese football, recognize the period in which the development of Chinese football exists and put forward the strategy of sustainable development for Chinese football.Second, the country is in the transition from the plan economy to the marketeconomy and the sustainable development of football is faced with an increasingly open society. Under the present managing system and the operational mechanism of Chinese football, it is urgent that the closed traditional managing model be replaced with an open one and the open managing ideology be carried out in the actual work.This research will lay a solid foundation in establishing the theoretical framework for the sustainable development of Chinese football and the macro management theory of sustainable development of football by referring to the theory of dissipation structure.
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