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Research On Sustainable Development Of Competitive Women's Football In China

Posted on:2007-01-27Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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In the historical Chinese women's football movement development and the reform, cannot leave the certain social background throughout. The Chinese women's football movement will put in the contemporary humanity to realize the social sustainable development diligently in, will absorb the sustainable development initiative sustainable development point, in thoroughly will comprehend the sustainable development practice the conditionality, as well as the sustainable development idea, in the principle inspiration foundation, will discuss Chinese women's football movement own reform and the development goal and the strategy, will be the present paper research viewpoint.This article has analyzed the China and the world women's football movement in the developing process performance different characteristic, has promulgated the Chinese women's football movement development rule, objectively has appraised the Chinese women's football's overall strength, and has carried on a more accurate localization to it in the world female football world's position. From macroscopic and the microscopic two stratification planes, theory, the historicity analyzed has affected each kind of factor which the Chinese women's football health, was stable, continues to develop, has carried on the theory exploration to the future Chinese women's football's sustainable development, advanced and has established in the sustainable development "the women's football two time started an undertaking" the theory and the practice specially. Below draws the conclusions:1.The Chinese women's football has been experiencing four main development phases, namely "the starts" the stage, "the development" the stage, "the high tide" the stage, "glides down" the stage. From now on as well as will be going to carry on "two time starts an undertaking" the stage, at present place glides down, paces back and forth the time. The domestic women's football overall athletics level development is imbalanced, basically assumes Shanghai and the Beijing two rows long-term monopolies, the women's football athletics level assumes the regional non-balanced development at present, has the obvious region to gather the nature. By the overall strength, the Chinese women's football starts in the Asia hegemonic position to vacillate at present, has lost in the world women's football leading superiority, has pulled open the disparity with the world women's football powerful nation, is the second group in the world women's football. But at the same time also explained the Chinese women's football also has the certain development space and the potential may dig, on is objective the condition which exists continuing to develop. Looked from the system that, the domestic all levels of troops set up, the training basically take the national games, the city transport can but causes as the short-term behavior which the center to be eager for quick success and immediate gain, becomes the Chinese women's football movement result, the level glides down "stubborn illness" and the stable development biggest barrier2.The Chinese women's football overall strength drops generally, the trainer overall quality was somewhat low, hinders the Chinese athletics women's football movement to continue the development; The women's football reserve talented person's deficiency, causes the Chinese women's football movement athletics level to continue the growth potential to be insufficient; The domestic female ultra league tournament level is not high, the women's football marketability degree is low, the competition system relative is unstable, but also has not formed the women's football competition and the commercial operation positive cycle, lacks effective impetus which continues to the Chinese women's football movement to develop. Under the whole nation system professor term form is the present Chinese women's football survival development basic guarantee. Impels the key take the science and technology as the forerunner which the Chinese women's football movement health, is stable, continues to develop.3.Looking from the macroscopic stratification plane that, the initiation women's football talented person raise quality question main reason is school women's football develop point has been established. Development structure aspect malpractice, basic reason in developmental strategy. Produces the women's football to develop the contradiction and the question essence is the strategic core development idea insufficiency.4.The women's football developmental strategy insufficiency, the root lies in the development (goal, principle, development mechanism) the idea..The next Chinese women's football developmental strategy from will take to plan specifically changes takes to develop the idea. "The women's football moderate developed in advance" for speeds up develops the Chinese women's football enterprise to provide the thought basis, also will be the next Chinese women's football developmental strategy implementation idea.5.The women's football "two time starts an undertaking" is the purport by the new goal, the new mentality, the recent development, the new action and the new appearance, meets the new challenge, innovates again in the challenge the superiority, reappears in the challenge new is magnificent, argues vigorously is in 2007 the World Cup and in 2008 the Beijing Olympic Games obtains more international honors, makes the new contribution for our country and the world women's football movement development. "The women's football two time starts an undertaking" is the women's football sustainable developmental strategy core, must "two time start an undertaking take the women's football" as the point of application, the structure and the implementation integrity women's football sustainable developmental strategy system.
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