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From The Idea Of Lifelong Sports Study The Reform And Development Of The School PE In Our Country

Posted on:2003-05-14Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The idea of lifelong sports has had a positive and profound impaction on the reform of the school PE. The study of how the school PE can become the basic of lifelong sports, and how to put forward creative countermeasures of the reform and development of the school PE in our country by idea of lifelong sports, is an advancing and practical problem of the school PE, which has an important theoretic and academic value and is a significance to change the view of the school PE and to reverse situation of students' "inactive sport" and to promote students' development of body and mind.This paper investigate on the PE theory and practice and lifelong sports in the university and middle and grade school, and it had done the three times large scale questionnaire survey on the students, PE teachers, the PE experts in the school and the healthy public in Guangzhou and the non-healthy public mostly with the demonstration study. The paper had studied on how to look on the actuality and reform of the school PE from the point of the lifelong sport, and how to widely know the reflection of the PE teachers, students and citizens. What's more, the paper had gotten the suggestion of the professors on the reform and development of the school PE from the point of the lifelong sports. The paper uses the literature, visiting, compare and statistics method which made the data of the paper credibly and made the argument more accurate and the conclusion more availably.This paper analyzed and demonstrated the concepts of lifelong sports and its basis carefully. It discussed the development and evolution process from lifelong education to lifelong sports, and emphasized on the analysis of the cause of the emersion and development of lifelong sports. We demonstrated the dialectic relation of school PE and lifelong sports and analyzed the problems of school PE deeply from the view of lifelong sports and especially demonstrated the countermeasures of the reform and development of the school PE in our country under the idea of lifelong sports.From the whole paper we have got some conclusions, such as: 1) to put forward the view of the concept of lifelong sports and analyzed the basis of students' lifelong sports by stage benefits and long-term benefits; 2) the relation of the school PE and lifelong sports is incorporated and they influent with each other well; 3) simple biological and exam education sports views have hindered the idea of lifelong sports to become the overall and guiding principle of the school PE in our country and made the practice of the school PE break away from the guiding principle of lifelong sports; 4) to make the idea of the lifelong sports be the guiding principle of the school PE is necessary for the evolution of the school PE views and the practical demand to promote the reform of the school PE and civil exercise; 5) the general goal of the school PE must be developed by the body and mind health, the level of sport skill, sport culture attainment, lifelong sports factors and so on and definitude the main goal of university, middle and grade school on the basis of them; 6) to design the PE course teaching material from the point of view on the healthy-life and long-life benefit, and give the name "lifelong sport project" to the individual, controllable, simple and convenient sport activity which people persist in easily; 7) to try the view organize form which can easily cultivate the students' interest, habit and capacity on PE in different study phase; 8) to made the attitude, interest and lifelong sport idea, habit and capacity of students be a part of the PE estimate system of the students; 9) let the PE teachers be the practice manager who actively reply to the reform and development of the school PE from the point of lifelong sports, so it can made the reform and development carry on successfully with the point of lifelong sports.
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