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Social Capital And The Growth Of Sporting Goods Enterprises In China

Posted on:2003-12-03Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360092460171Subject:Humanities and sociology
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The analysis of economic phenomena with social capital theory is one of the heated researches in the field of international social science since 1980s. Up to now, however, the study on enterprise social capital in certain specific trade has not been reported. Based on the collection and study of some materials related to social capital, enterprise development and sporting goods enterprise in China, by means of questionnaire survey and statistical analysis on 166 sporting goods enterprises in China, the following conclusions are drawn.1. social relationship network that can benefit to enterprises is called enterprise social capital. Social capitals consist of three types: vertical-attached, horizontal-related and multi-radiated.2. Vertical-attached social capital in enterprise social capital of China has lost its commanding position, horizontal-related and multi-radiated social capitals have developed quickly in three stages, namely, before reform and opening-up, from reform and opening-up to before the fourteenth session, and since the fourteenth session.3. Social capital of sporting goods enterprise of China possesses such traits as status-changing historic, obtaining-approach interact, functioning-effect off-balance, relationship-knot contradictory.4. Based on the analysis on every work in different stages of the growth of sporting goods enterprise in China, social capital plays different roles in the stages of establishment of enterprise, existence, mature and transmute.5. Sporting goods enterprise in China obtains social capital mainly through vertically attached to administrative section and trade association, horizontally related to sections of science education and business, connected with sport team and radiation of sport competition.6. The number of sporting goods enterprises in China established since 1990's takes up 78.92 percent of the total number of enterprises at the present, 71.08 percent enterprises have export business, average produce goods of enterprises are 68 types, and established institutions are 6.62.7. In sporting goods enterprises of China, the east takes up 88.56 percent, the middle 8.23 percent, the west 3.21 percent, public-owned economy 21.68 percent, private economy 49.40 percent, mixed economy 28.92 percent. The number of enterprises taking the first six places is: ball equipment and facility, special event equipment and facility, clothing and caps, facilities of gym and recreation, sport shoes and sock, fitness equipment and accessory.8. Three indicators of social capital factor in sporting goods enterprise of China are the following: multi-radiated relationship (.717), vertical-attached relationship (.672), and horizontal-related relationship (.670); Four factor loadings of structure of enterprise development are management structure (.738), organization structure (.715), space structure (.692), technique structure (.404).9. multi-radiated social capital in the east takes the first place, the level vertical-attached and horizontal- related social capital in the middle, however, is the highest. Public-owned, private and mixed enterprise respectively possesses the highest vertical-attached, horizontal- related and multi-radiated social capital.
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