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On Graduating Students' Employment In The Access To The Development Of Higher Education

Posted on:2003-11-12Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360092466650Subject:Higher Education
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Some countries which have unsound market economy,such as India,Philippines and so on,had ever occured the problems of graduating students' employment which became the bottle-neck of the development of higher education and ever brought severe impact on the social stability of these countries in their access to the mass higher education,since the colleges and the universities in our country enlarged the scale of recruiting students,the one-off ratio of employment in some colleges and universities has decreased to 50%,(up to the beginning of this April,the average ratio of signing the employment contract among the graduating students is less than 25% in Shanghai).the employment in the development of our higher education has emerged,if the reform of higher education can't be deepened,,the employment pattern isn't changed,and the employment channel can not be widen,the graduating students' unemployment will become the bottle-neck of the development of our higher education,and probably will bring bad influences on the social stability of our country. This dissertation analyses the possibilities of the occurring employment,and discusses the solutions to graduating students' employment problems .This dissertation proposed:firstly,the difficulty of employment of graduating students in local colleges and universities,it is the local universities and colleges that take on the mission of mass higher education all over the world,so,solving the bottle-neck problems of local colleges' and universities' graduating students' employment relates to the development of our higher education and the stability of our society. Secondly,the solution to the employment of our higher education's development is:reform higher education,make the channel of employment smooth,lay stress on the fact that different kinds of colleges and universities should pay more attention to teaching reform according to the current employment characteristics specially for such colleges and universities which have not strict and steady opposite relationship between supply and demand,should widen the concept of the speciality,and improve the graduating students' adaptability to the society through liberal education and the exploiting education.This dissertation thinks the main causes which produced the graduating students' employment in our country are:the ideal of elite education controls the educational behavior of the whole society;the reform of higher education falls behind the transition of economy,the graduating students' employment patterns can't satisfy the changing demand of the human resources' market;the cultivating aim of higher education doesn't fit to social demands;the management pattern of employment falls behind the demand of market economy;the existence of differences among all kinds of jobs,between the city and the county,and among different areas.This dissertation also proposes that a period of seeking jobs should be given,and the pattern of one-off employment -that is,the graduating students should sign the employment contract before graduation,should be changed,graduating students should be permitted to accumulate working experiences and explore exploiting experiences through adopting flexible practical ways,so as to form such a pattern of graduating students' employment which characteristics by "during the period of seeking jobs,the graduating students seek jobs independently,exploit new jobs diligently and learn for life".The first chapter points out the questions and research backgruand,on the basic of documents summed up,following up the tasks of this paper.In fhe second chapter,through reviewing the status of graduating students' employment in the colleges,and universities,especially the status of employment in the local colleges and universities,according to the theory of labor market and theory of employment,the article classifies the graduating students' unemployment into four kinds:structural unemployment,factional unemployment,systematical unemployment and unemployment due to individual taste,and analyzes the e...
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