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Constructing Of Sports Information Management Theories And Developing Research Of Application System

Posted on:2003-11-04Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360092960158Subject:Physical Education and Training
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Information era, information, together with the material and energy, already are called three greatest resources of modern society. Adequately developing and making use of the information resources are core contents of Chinese information. Among the activities of sports management, planning and decision can not run without information, which is also regarded as main basis among organizing and controlling management process, in fact the whole process of P. E management is a process of handling information. As a emerging discipline, sports information management (SIM) put forward to research under the circumstance of the worldwide economic, WTO and preparing for 2004-2008 year Olympic game's, will be doubtless to supply a new management idea and a new mode, at the same time, provide science-guide for P. E information process, information construction, also, it will be meaning to developing business servicing of sports information.The purpose of the thesis is to grasp the basic theories of conception , contents, characteristic, form and devolution of SIM, also construct its theories system . It will provide the science leading for the information management practice, also the technique, method guide provided to information system construction and management for all levels sports organization.As follows of research conclusion:1, As managing sports information resources and its developing activities, the main factor of SIM primarily includes the main body, object, information users and management means. Provided with characteristic of all-round, economic, system, scientific, its contents includes the analysis of user information need, construction, development and utilization, network information resources management; At last the evolution of SIM divides into natural, documents, technology, modern information management period.2, The status indicates that researches of SIM theories in our county lag in the fulfillment, still have no system theories research, and its development presents the unbalance of the section realm.3, As a science of basic regulation, principle and application method, SIM , a crossed, synthetic, applied science, is based on the development of informatics, management science and IT, also, other science, such as information science, librarianship, archives and documents provide it with the technique and methods. In addition, the fulfillment of information management activities leads to forming and developing of SIM. According to three levels of structures, core contents of SIM include three aspect: one is the foundation research, the other is applied methods, as the application realm, is the third. ^4, The method structure of SIM is divided into three level of structures, namely philosophy, general and specialized method. Information method and system method are included in specialized method.5, As the main means of information management , using the software engineering method, information system development must be completed according to the whole process of the customer information demand, system analysis, design, putting into practice etc. Using FrontPage2000, ASP, Delphi6. 0, Parodax7.0 , analysis design and development of information system and website of the CBA completed.
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