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Theoretical Construction Of Basketball Culture

Posted on:2005-08-28Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360125967178Subject:Sports science
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+Culture is summation of material and spiritual wealth created by mankind in the process of history of social development. As an event of modern sport, Basketball has developed into a kind of cultural phenomenon and arrests people's attention , as a result of this, people do research on it .But if we do research from a cultural perspective ,it will provide theoretical basis for the future development of basketball and be of great importance as well .So ,through the study of this article. We probe into the essential characteristic, construct the framework for theoretical system, inquire into the core of spiritual culture of basketball so as to provide theoretical basis for instructing the development of basketball. On the basis of reading almost 100 books on cultural and physical culture, The author analyses the characteristic of basketball culture, seeks the theoretical basis of basketball culture and shows the framework for the establishment of theory in this article. Meanwhile the author uses many methods such as logical analysis, interviewing, investigation, document research and individual analysis. Through the study of this article, author shows the definition of basketball culture. Firstly it is a kind of social activity with sport characteristic which regards basketball movement as the form of expression. Secondly basketball culture embodies the social awareness of sport value and sportsmanship. Thirdly it is also summation of material and spiritual wealth created by basketball movement. Moreover basketball culture is of various characteristics such as integrity and specialty, individuality and sociality, globility and nationality, competitiveness and artistry. On the condition of the development of basketball culture, it goes through four main phase ie the phase of originating and enriching, propagating and accumulating, developing and advancing, maturing and flourishing. Moreover its way of propagation has developed from one-way propagation to double-way propagation. In nowadays, basketball in America represents the mainstream of basketball all over the world and it has great impact on the development of basketball which are social value, economic value and authentic value. Basketball culture is of various aspects including spiritual culture, material culture, institutional culture and symbolic culture. The inner-most and key part is spiritual culture among them which embodies the spirit, concept, ideology, philosophy, psychology and martial strategy of basketball. Moreover the concept of humane basketball will indirect the development of basketball movement. Institutional culture and material culture provide basic safeguard for the development of basketball movement and it also replenish basketball culture in the form of cheering team. Under the guidance of sociology and philosophy, the theory of basketball culture has become a sub-culture of sport culture and it is on the basis of culture, theory of culture, sport theory and discipline of sport. The core of basketball culture is the spirit, ideology, philosophy and strategy reflected by basketball which determines the nature, position and significance of basketball. Institutional culture is the basic condition supporting the development of basketball and the safeguard of executing the thoughts and spirit in the core. Symbolic culture and material culture are the most active factor in basketball culture which locate on the outer layer of the total basketball culture, however there is a kind of mainstream culture, it represents the characteristic of the times, reflects the present spirit as well as being of the function of dominating and modeling.
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