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Equal Opportunity In Education From The Perspective Of Feminism

Posted on:2007-06-06Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360185462433Subject:Comparative Education
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Through the ages, the pursuit of equal opportunity in education has been always an exquisite ideal in human society. Although there are big differences among world countries in the research and exploration of the subject of equal opportunity in education, and until this moment there is no universal or generally applicable standard equal opportunity in education, but people are still perseveringly exploring and searching for the answer of this subject. Equal opportunity in education has been also one of the educational goals in China and most foreign countries from far back till modern history. The Equal opportunity in education for every country in the world is related to different levels of education that include elementary school education, secondary school education, and higher educations; and mainly, it is related to social class, ethnic group/race, nationality, gender, etc. Western countries always promulgate the phenomena of unequal opportunity of education by class difference or racial discrimination, although the direction is proper, however, it is not suitable to countries of different systems. A great devotion of the deliberation of contemporary feminism to the human and the society is the counter-thinking and criticizing to the phenomena of traditional education. Through criticism to traditional philosophy thesis, and by means of their unique perspectives and ways of thinking, the feminists examined and analyzed traditional philosophy that is full of male-centered thoughts and consciousness in contents and methods. The feminists proposed distinctive viewpoints, perspectives, and advocacies, endeavored to innovate traditional education theory and system. Hereinafter, this thesis will announce, through the feminist's distinctive perspectives, thoughts of feminism and solutions to the problems of unequal opportunity in education, and provide profound apocalypse to contemporary education; in the meanwhile, prospect a nice future of feminism education.The thesis applies research methods of documentary and date analysis, questionnaire survey, interviewing survey, observing survey, and so on. And by choosing some undergraduate students from different universities/colleges in China as my survey objects, by choosing some teachers from a middle school in Shanxi as my interview objects, by taking the evolution cased by social development and change on the equal opportunity in education as my main research subject, and by taking the unique perspective, viewpoint and analysis way of Feminism as my research methodology foundation to investigate and analyze the issue of the equal opportunity in education. The thesis socializes the issue of the equal opportunity in education under Gender Perspective of Feminism, so as to hope for providing referable proposals and experiences to conduct effective educational inform and to promote the equal opportunity in education.The basic contents of this thesis are divided into sections as below:The part of introduction explains the purpose and significance of the study, proposes fundamental problems that are analyzed and resolved in the thesis, describes train of...
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