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The Systematic Analysis And Study On Improving The Competitiveability Of Tennis Women's Doubles In China

Posted on:2007-06-07Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360212459963Subject:Management Science and Engineering
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By using the methods of systematic analysis, Extension Set and Periphery Theory, game theory and other interrelated methods such as synthesis, comparison, logical analysis, this paper has carried the research of how to upgrade the athletic competitiveness of Chinese tennis women's double in a management vision.1. Upgrading athletic competitiveness of Chinese tennis women's double is an independent system of its own structure. According to the analysis of probability, practical foundation and scientific foundation of improving Chinese tennis women's double, clairvoyance the general competitive ability of Chinese women tennis players' world rankings, reserved players, coaches' abilities and so on , the non-proportionality comparison with of world tennis women player's competitive ability, the author holds: it is feasible to consider women's double as the gold medal compete sport item, and set "world level" as the objective positioning of women's double at present and in the near future. Building a tennis power and all round development as the long-term goal, taking the 2008 Olympic games as the critical point and better score of "Four Opens"and as the short-term goal, we can divide the process of improving Chinese tennis women's double into three parts, "search and breakthrough", "challenges and onrush", "base and climax".2. Pro-tennis players' breeding mode is the general description of the approaches and characters of training. International pro-tennis competition system has the following characters, high premium, scientific ranking and scoring system, broad joining of medias and sponsors, family support is the main investment mode of world tennis player training, and they are taught in specialized tennis schools. So the school is the main breeding mode of pro tennis players. Compared with foreign breeding mode, Chinese player breeding mode is still in planned economy framework. That is because of our specialized conditions and institution, and our pro-tennis is only in holding and taking part in more international tournaments. So seeking for the approaches and reforming measures of Chinese players' joining of international tournaments is the focus.3. According to the analysis of the success rules and interrelated factors, both coaches and players all consider that power is one of the success factors but not the...
Keywords/Search Tags:tennis, women's double, athletic competitiveness, systematic analysis, strategy study
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