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The Analysis To Development Course, Influencing Factors And Regulation Of Chinese Olympic Shooting Events Results

Posted on:2007-11-10Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Chinese Olympic shooting events carry the dual mission, capture gold medal and make a good beginning. Chinese Olympic shooting events occupy the prominent position in Chinese Olympics glory the plan. What is the development course of Chinese Olympic shooting events? What are the factors that affect the results? Is there regulation in Olympic shooting events? The answers of the questions are beneficial to administration to realize development process, experience and lecture. It should provide the theories for establishing development stratagem and constituting the target of 2008 the Olympic Games. It should contribute to theory study of shooting events and submit to the sports theory analysis.The main study methods of this thesis are as follow, literature, discussion, questionnaire, case study and statistics ways.Conclusion:1. Chinese Olympic shooting advantage-events are 50m Pistol Men, Double Trap Men, 25m pistol woman, 50m rifle 3-positions women; rivalship-events are 10m air rifle men, 10m air pistol men, 10m air pistol women, 10m air rifle women, skeet woman, trap woman; laggard-events are 50m rifle prone men, 50m rifle 3-positions men, skeet man, trap man. In the world, the first group of shooting are Russia and China; the second group are Germany, United States and Italy.2. Influencing factors of Chinese Olympic shooting events can divide to environment-layer, assistant layer and key-layer. The environment-layer: Social and political environment, social and economic term, social culture environment; The assistant layer: the management of shooting, the shooting range and equipment, the scientific research, the rule; The key-layer: athlete, coach.The environment layer is outside drive, the assistant layer is the important guarantee, the key-layer play the role of a nucleus for development of shooting events results.3. Regulation of Chinese Olympic shooting events results include the regulation of stage developing, the regulation of fixed management system,the regulation of unbalance development, the regulation of influencing factors cooperated, the regulation of details to overcome.More than 50 years, the regulation of stage developing means that the development of Chinese Olympic shooting events results show itself stage, divided into: the stage of popularizing, the stage of quick increased, the stage of quick waves type developing, the stage of keeping opposite stable.The regulation of fixed management system means that Chinese shooting, as military athletics, is unified national investment and unified national management.The regulation of unbalance development means that the development of Chinese Olympic shooting events results are unbalance, divided into: advantage-events, rivalship-events and laggard-events.The regulation of influencing factors cooperated means that all factors have to be in conjunction with the function, identical direction and target. So they can drive Chinese Olympic shooting events results to forward developThe regulation of details to overcome means that any error on the details would cause the failure. The establishment of the equipment, psychology preparation and project should affect the athletes bring into play, decide the game's victory or defeat.
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