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Historical Transition Of Humanitarian Values Of The Olympic Movement

Posted on:2006-04-05Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The humanistic values of the Olympic Movement are the everlasting source for the Movement. A thorough exploration of humanistic values, an analysis of the historical transition of the values at different developing periods, the revelation of the rules of development and evolvement of the humanistic values of the Olympic Movement is of great theoretical and realistic significance to realize the essence of the Olympic Movement comprehensively and the structuring and implementation of the concept of the People's Olympics for the 2008 Beijing Olympics. In this research, the methods such as literature review, comparative analysis, expert interview, case study and logic analysis are adopted. The research results are as follows:1. The Olympic Movement is a social movement aiming to promote the development of human society by means of sport. The lofty goal of the Olympic Movement and its unique approach to realizing the goal enable it have a distinct and particular humanistic values, which embodies in the individual, society and international community spheres are manifested in the basic value outlooks as in promoting the overall development of the individual, social progress and world peace. The logical relationship of the value structure is based on the interactions from micro to macro, from the individual to society.2.The Olympic Movement is different from other social movements in that it takes advantage of sports as the tool and media to realize the Olympic ideal. On one hand, it enhances and widens the functions of sport; on the other hand, it closely connects the humanistic values of the Olympic Movement with the humanistic values of sport, thus enjoying a unique character.3.The outbreaks of the World War I, World War II and Samaranch Reform served as three marks in the transitions of the humanistic values of the Olympic Movement;and divided the process into the following 4 stages: the birth of the Olympic Movement, the taking-shape of Olympic Movement, the development and imbalance of the Olympic Movement and reform and renovation of the Olympic Movement. The historical transition of the humanistic values of the Olympic Movement have presented an obvious tendency of gradual development and maturity.4.The Olympic Movement originated from the west but belongs to the whole world. Due to the universality and internationalism of the Olympic Movement, its humanistic values should be multi-cultural. China, a country with over 5000 years of culture and rising up as a peaceful power, will host the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, which offers opportunities for the widespread of the humanistic value of the Olympic Movement in the country boasting of the largest population in the world but also enriching the humanistic values of the Olympic Movement with China's unique humanistic concept. The concept of People's Olympics for the Beijing Olympics links the two great opportunities.
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