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The Historical Evolvement Of Christian University For Women In Chinese Society

Posted on:2010-08-31Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1117360275467518Subject:China's modern history
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The church female university have made an very important impact on the development of chinese modern women's higher education.Since a ling time ago,the domestic study about church female university majors in digging and systemizing the history of christian shcoll,but scholars pay little attention to disguss the internal reason about the church female university's development and change,moreover,analyse it's status and contribution in the china society,especially in the chinese woman's higer education from the view of social change.So author choses Jinling Women's Unieversity for example to analyze it's influence and significance in the Chinese women's higher eduacation by way of exploring its historical evolution.In the end era of Qing dynasty,missionaries bring in the christian school for woman with modern western educational features.It impacts on the Chinese traditional female education which has a history of thousands of years and inspires the chinese to build new women's school.With the development of the women's education in China,missionary try to build christian university for women in china,which starts the period of modern women's higher education in China.After the establishment of North China Union college for women and Hua'nan women's college,Jinling Women's University is formally set up in 1915.The establishment of christian university for women upgrades the level of chinese women's education objectively.Since the 1920s,church female university have experienced the process of sinicization and secularization as well as the other christian university.At first,christian university is a new educational organization which is completely different from the China's native education system.Christian university is estabilshed and managed by the foreigner,so it's policies,such as admission,studying and employment,must be followed by the foreign church's benefit and educational objective.Because of the high nationalist movement,Chinese society promotes the process of sinicization of christian school,and the chinese government enhances the christian school's registration.Since the 1920s,all the christian universities start to register with the government,and change it's management to become more and more cinicization.In this context,Jinling Women's University is also begin its reform of sinicization.Speciffically manifested in two aspects,On the one hand Jinling Women's Univeristy decide that the chinese whoever acts as the president,school administrators or even staff occupy the majority of faculty members,on the other hand Jinling Women's University change it's philosophy and goal to meet the requirements of chinese society and the expect of the government.But Jinling Women's University which is founded by the foreign church and heavily depends on the foreign contributions inevitably exists limitations in its sinicization. Simultaneously,the christian university is also experiencing the process of secularization.The competitiveness of chinese higher education is the inherent power,besides,chinese society and government also play a very important role in its secular reform.Christian unveristy's secularization rises its level of teaching and research and provides a better academic atmosphere for the talent.Under the trend of secular reform,Jinling Women's University adjusts its major and couse to meet the current need and stricts its teachering management.Consequently,Jinling Women's University cultivates a group of modern intellectual women,which is its most significant contribution to the Chinese modern female higher education.Of course,Jinling Women's Univeristy also makes a great deal of efforts to promote religious education in the mean time.Since the 1920s,Chinese university starts to enroll girls.Although it provide more higher studying chances for women,it also makes the church female university come across more competitions.In order to survive and develop,church female university fully dig their resouces and advantages to form their own educational characteristics and get a firm foothold in higher education.After the liberation of the mainland,Jinling Women's University,together with other christian university,accepts and harmonises the new norms and requirements which the new regime ask the college to follow and try to continue their school.Around 1951,the most Christian universities become pubilc universities after amalgamation and adjustment.The 1920s nationalism tide and other challenges and impacts come from the Chinese' government and society not only did not hurt the christian university's vitality seriously,instead they promoted the christian university's self-adjustment and innovation,simultaneously it impelled the church female university to become an important element of the modern Chinese female higher education and made great unique contribution.The church female university's fading away did not suggest its inevitable failure on education.In complied with the process of the Chinese vicissitude,the social role of the church female university has also experienced a double change:one is that christian university becomes a external and native culture server who acts as the role of the external culture exporter at first,;the other is that it become an educationist who acts as the role of missionary at first.The role's change has decided its influences complexity:on the one hand,the church female university has nurtured a large quantity of modern female intelligentsia for Chinese society and impelled the modernization of China's female higher education;on the other hand,the existence and development of the church female university has expanded and extended the influence of the Chinese church in China's women's society.
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