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Research On The Efficiency Of The State-owned Commercial Banks In The Market Process

Posted on:2007-04-22Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1119360185496488Subject:Technical Economics and Management
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At present, Chinese economy is developing in high-speed, and the property right's forms of commercial banks and management modes have changed dramatically. In banking, the financial innovation continues deepening, and the financial risk rising. In the long term, Chinese banking faces a series of serious problems ~ it pursues only the speed of development and the market share of its business. At the same time, it neglects the connotation development and persistent development. So, to promote Chinese banking persistently and healthily, the efficiency is to be enhanced, which is seen as the core of promoting domestic commercial banks' competitive power. This is also considered to be the key point of maintaining a sustained development in state-owned commercial bank or even the whole financial industry in China. With China's entrance into WTO, state-owned banks welcome a good opportunity as well as a great challenge in the process of the reform for a market economy. It requires state-owned commercial banks to facilitate the management system reform and better the operation mechanism to raise the efficiency.Recently, the research on commercial banks' efficiency focuses on the measure of commercial banks' efficiency. The researchers have paid more attention to the developed countries and little attention is given to the developing countries. Similarly, Chinese experts emphasize the research of environmental factors that affect the banks' efficiency and the measure of banks' efficiency. Their research, loosely connected with the actual practice, focuses only on affected path and functionary principle of inner determinative factors in banks to commercial banks' efficiency. Consequently, it does not bring about much reasonable advice on how to raise the commercial banks' efficiency.Under such circumstances, this paper tries to offer some valid advice on how to realize the transition from extensive system to intensive system in domestic banking...
Keywords/Search Tags:state-owned commercial bank, efficiency of property right, efficiency of institution, efficiency of financial innovation, efficiency of risk management, the path of raising efficiency
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