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Hard And Soft Power To Coordinate Use Of External Relations With Countries

Posted on:2013-06-16Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:S J RenFull Text:PDF
GTID:1226330377450763Subject:International relations
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There are international theories of hard power and soft power. But neithercan reveal the laws of international relations independently. This thesis triesto find the ways to achieve the goal of the state’s foreign affairs withcoordinated application of the state’s soft and hard power.As there is difference on the conceptions of soft power and hard power, thisthesis has to define the conceptions of them independently, in order to set alimit to the object and scope of this study.It seems that there is positive correlation between the goal of the state’sforeign affairs and the coordinated application of its soft and hard power. Thatis to say, the coordinated application of soft power and hard power can promotethe realization of the goal of the state. In order to test the hypothesis, thisthesis suggests a series of analytical methods: coordinated application ways,coordinated application of international regimes, coordinated interactiveapplication between soft and hard power. With these methods, we can analyse theapplication of soft and hard power. This thesis raises the method to appraisethe achievement of the goal of the state’s foreign affairs from four aspects:the international image, the international status, the economic interests andthe defense security of the state.With the help of those analytical methods, this thesis tries to verify thehypothesis positively.Although China Communist Party is the only party in power, the goal of foreignaffairs and the policy of the application of soft and hard power have varied withthe alternation of the leading political team.During the Mao’s period, the application of soft and hard power had clear-cutpolitical stand. This stand influenced the way of the application of soft andhard power: cooperative application to developing countries, non-cooperativeapplication to colonial and imperial countries. Therefore, China was identifiedwith challenger by the developed countries who play a leading role. In that circumstances, there is slight possibility for China to utilize the internationalregime for its foreign affair goals.The reform and opening-up policy have begun from Third Plenary Session ofthe11th Central Committee of the Chinese Communist Party. From then on, Chinalays stress on cooperative application of soft and hard power to any coutry.Consequently, it’s possible for China to utilize the international regime forits foreign affair goals.From1992, China has carried out peaceful, developing and cooperative foreigndiplomacy. China’s capability in utilization of the international regime has gotimprovement steadily. China pays more attention to interactive application ofsoft power and hard power. The goal of China’s foreign affairs has been wellachieved.The review of China’s foreign affairs from1949can help us find that: thecoordinated application of soft and hard power can promote the realization ofthe goal of the state’s diplomacy.
Keywords/Search Tags:soft power, hard power, the goal of diplomacy, the coordinatedapplication, international regimes, interactive application
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