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Study About The Management Of Scattered Ethnic Minorities In Shenzhen City

Posted on:2014-02-08Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:C H YangFull Text:PDF
GTID:1226330452962961Subject:Administrative Management
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With the acceleration of urbanization process in China, the minorities began torush into cities to seek opportunities for their new lives, in this paper we call them"urban scattered ethnic minorities". These urban scattered minorities are not only anintegral part of a city, but also a special group with different languages, foods,cultures, customs and religious beliefs.Therefore, it’s a new question faced by thegovernment that how to manage the urban scattered minorities properly.In this paper,the management of scattered ethnic minorities in Shenzhen is studied based ongrounded theory.The author analyzed data from detailed interviews to present a"three-stage" view of Shenzhen scattered minorities management, and summarized a"Shenzhen model" of this type of management. After comparing differentmanagement of several other countries and domestic cities, this paper tried to build ageneral framework of model for the governance of urban scattered ethnic minorities.Minority rights theory and governance theory are used as the theoretical perspective.This paper then made a deep view of the "Shenzhen model" and put forward ideas andsuggestions for improving the management of Shenzhen scattered ethnic minorities inperspective of the general framework of model.This paper accumulated amount of first-hand material by extensive collecting ofdocuments and detailed interviews,and then the author coded the data selected fromthe material as the rule of grounded theory. Core categories and concepts wereemerged from the data in this coding procedure, such as "the specificity andintegration of the scattered ethnic minorities"," the stakeholders of the management"," the changing course of the management "and other categories and concepts. Byan in-depth research of these categories and concepts, This paper concluded that thecourse of the management in Shenzhen could be divided by three parts: the stage oflaissez-faire, unilaterally dominating by the government, and a rudimentarygovernance by government, market and society.By analyzing the data with groundedtheory method, the paper also found some phenomena in management of minorities,such as "flexible management","external assistance from hometown" and "common problem nationalized "and so forth.After the data was analyzed, this paper considerthat a model of governance was being formed in Shenzhen based on interaction withthe cooperation of government, market and society.This model of governance hasplayed a positive role in guaranteeing the legitimate rights and interests of ethnicminorities.The paper summarized it as "Shenzhen model", which means"a mode ofgovernance in which the government played a main role and the market and societyparticipated in".Before the theory was established, to take this study into more general sense, theauthor browsed more files to compare the different methods of national minoritymanagement.In procedure of theory construction, this paper compared the coded dataof substantive coding to find the intrinsic correlation between the core categories andconcepts, and then built a theoretical framework of model for management of urbanscattered ethnic minorities from the perspective of minority rights theory andgovernance theory.The framework was described as "a cooperative governance modein which the rule of law is put as a fundamental, the government plays a leading role,the market provides support, and the society acts as matchmaking ".The frameworkof model was discussed in terms of values and idea, institutional framework andoperating mechanism.Specifically, in this framework of model, guaranteeing thelegitimate rights and interests of ethnic minorities is the most fundamental point, themanagement and service of government act as driving forces, a mature market and astrong society act as the partner of governance.Finally, the author checked the "Shenzhen model" with the theoretic frameworkof model. After analyzing the main problems of “Shenzhen model”, the author triedto give some ideas and suggestions for Shenzhen to improve....
Keywords/Search Tags:urban scattered ethnic minorities, minority rights, public governance, grounded theory
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