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The Study Of Labor Supply In The View Of Job Search

Posted on:2014-01-09Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1227330398489342Subject:Industrial Economics
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The theory of labor supply and demand had described that the labor mar ket automatically clearing,there implied the following conclusion:the information is comp letely,under this conditions, the labor supply is extremely easy job search for employmen t is taken without effort. In fact,there is neither labor market clearing state,nor generally e asy job search.The explanation of the theory of labor supply and demand is still insuffici ent in the face of unemployment and job search difficulties.The theory of job search dev eloped from1970s,provides a new interpretation of perspective for the unemployed and1ooking for work in the labor market,and to some extent explain the real problem.In just its interpretation of the factors that affect the job search mechanism also need to add.Thi s dissertation had used the job search theory to analyze the problem of unemployment a nd job search,found that the job search process is not only influenced by a certain group of individual factors,but the full impact of the factors group.If we analyze the factors gr oup and its mechanism to understand the true state of the job search,we may increase th e explanatory power of the theory of job search real problem.In this dissertation,the anal ysis of the factors group is drawing on the phenomenological method,this method circum vent the traditional method’s cognitive habits,confront the influence of the factors group a nd show its essence.Under this idea,we found that in the face of the practical problems of the unemployed and job search,the traditional theory explain the lack of job search th eory flawed,should confront the phenomenon,the factors group under the influence of the phenomenon to explain unemployedjob search and other practical issues.The dissertation I ntegrated used labor economics, behavioral economics knowledge.The research methods ha d be used in this dissertation are literature study,comparative analysis,phenomenological re search,empirical analysis,and so on.The conclusions are following:the explanatory power o f the traditional theory and the job search theory are still insufficient;the job search theor y which based on the the factors group is the best choice;the individual natural factors,in tergenerational characteristics, environmental factors constitute a factors group of job seek ers;the job-seeker’s search and labor supply are based on the influence of factors group,st op or not depends on its factors group status;under the influence of the factors group, jo b-seeker should be more concerned about the impact of factors group mechanism,in order to adapt;under the basis of the research and data collection,this dissertation’s countermea sures are from the micro-level and macro-level.The innovations of the dissertation are that used the phenomenological method to examine the factors that affect the job search;the concept about factors group is proposed,the mechanism of the factors group to the job seekers,and the adaptation mechanisms of the job-seekers to the factors group had been analyzed;based on the theoretical research,the suggestions we proposed are strategy pool in micro,package policy in macro.
Keywords/Search Tags:Job Search, Match, Factors Group, Labor Supply, Adaptability
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