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Study On The Construction Of Service-oriented Government In China On Two Phases

Posted on:2016-07-15Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
Country:ChinaCandidate:H Z ShaoFull Text:PDF
GTID:1316330542489764Subject:Administrative Management
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As one of global exploration directions to public governance model,proposing the concept of service-oriented government represented that Chinese scholars had self-examinated the process of applicating western new public service theory to local practice and accelerated the exploring of administrative system modernization based on the post industrial society.Along with this,the local governments have involved in the practice of its construction,which behaved in different paths and achieved certain good effect,such as administrative efficiency and promotion of government management innovation.However,along with the reform deepening,the huge ecological difference inside and outside significantly led to government decisions conflicting and contradictions.As a result,the process of constructing highlights fragmentation,stackting and colluding with each other.Itís impossible for theory of service-oriented government construction research paradigm to solve the problem of individual challenges,because they splited democracy,response to economic environment and to social cultural environment.The practical difficulties are calling for theory innovation desperately,those are,researches about service-oriented government level and service-oriented government type.This paper is guidelined by The Eighteenth National Congress of the CPC spirit,with the administrative ecology theory as a tool,based on practice-Theory-practice approach,and revealed the construction of service-oriented government by two phases in-depth and systematically,where the practice foundation,theoretical basis,main content and transition measurements were proposed.The paper includes six parts:an introduction,four chapters,and a conclusion.The introduction briefly described the origin of the problem,analyzed some important concepts related,and then inspected and evaluates the research status.From the second chapter to the fifth chapter,which was the core part of this paper,the author tried to follow the "basis-conclusion-application"route,and separated the 2nd-3rd chapters,the fourth chapter and the fifth chapter.The second chapter introduced the theory basis on which the core viewpoint and the evolution of administrative ecology are basing on,and the use of administrative ecology analysis and deduction of service-oriented government and external ecology of our government.The third chapter scaned the administrative environment through promoting five modes of service-oriented governments which had been complished;the fourth chapter detailed the construction of service-oriented government by two phases,based on the above theory,the fifth chapter proposed that building a service-oriented government needed the the transition of two phases.In the conclusion part,the paper focused on actualation of the new theory proposed above,together with some prospective applications prospecting two phases theory of the service-oriented government,besides,the theoretical and practical challenges are described based on the summary of the research results.The main innovation points in this paper were:(1)Analysis tool was innovated.In this paper,the research of service-oriented government mainly took advangtage of the results of administrative paradigm third transformation--Administrative Ecology Theory as the analysis tool.Besides,the.use of normative,empirical,statistical,empirical and comparative analysis.Other social science and natural science classical research methods were helpful,too.In the paper,author also brings the core problem in a multidimensional framework to draw a scientific conclusion.(2)Conclusion is unique.The conclusions about constructing service-oriented government by two phases were promoted for the first time in the academics on administrative reform.(3)Application of policy is specific and operable.In this paper,the necessity and possibility of transition between service-oriented government construction by two phases,and how we could fit it away were promoted,more than that,countermeasures and suggestions of policy tools were also mentioned.
Keywords/Search Tags:Service-oriented government, Administrative ecology, Governance system modernization, Administrative reform
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