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Research On The Administrative Examination And Approval System Reform In The Service-Oriented Government Construction In China

Posted on:2013-12-07Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:P F WeiFull Text:PDF
GTID:2246330374980185Subject:Administrative Management
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The administrative system reform and the service-oriented government construction is anoverall advancing process. The administrative examination and approval system is an importantmanagement tool for the government to allocate resources, coordinate market order, andmaintain public interests. The reform of administrative examination and approval system is aninevitable requirement for the construction of a service-oriented government, an objectivedemand for the improvement of a socialist market economy system, as well as an essentialmeasure for the prevention and control of corruption.Since the full implementation of the reform of administrative examination and approvalsystem deployed by the state council in2001, the project examination and approval system hasbeen examined and reformed for five times in large-scale. As a result, a remarkable success hasbeen made in the fields of cleaning projects for examination and approval, reducing projects forcharges, innovating ways of examination and approval, legalizing the administrative examinationand approval and so on. However, there still exist some problems in the process of reform, suchas lack of clear objectives and standards, lack of whole mechanism construction, lack ofsupervision and so on. To be frank, these problems are incongruent with the rapid developmentof the political, economic and social environment, as well as the inherent requirement for theconstruction of a service-oriented government.The regulatory reform movement which aims to loosen the regulation has been launched inthe United States-led western countries since1970s. The government regulation in the UnitedStates puts the legislation reform as the first priority. At the same time, during the relaxation ofeconomy control, the United States strengthens social regulation, introduces incentivegovernment control, and values the cost-benefit analysis. The government regulation reform inJapanese government attaches great importance to the combination of market economydevelopment and affordability. The Japanese government actively cultivates social intermediaryorganizations, reduces government intervention activities, and pays great attention to the openand systematic ness of the reform. In fact, there are many things in these successful reformexperiences that deserve serious study.In the administrative examination and approval reform for the construction of aservice-oriented government, the government should define the principle of administration bylaw, the efficiency principle, the liability principle and the openness principle; the governmentshould perfect the procedures and rules in administrative approval decision-making, establish theparticipation system, evaluation system and responsibility mechanism; the government shouldset the scope of administrative examination and approval, regulate the administrativeexamination and approval procedures, reform the way of administrative examination and approval; the government should establish a supervision system, promote the legal constructionof supervision, construct an "electronic surveillance" system, and enrich the supervision method.
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