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Virtual Practice Research

Posted on:2020-04-30Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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GTID:1365330578454287Subject:Marxist philosophy
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After entering the new century,the information revolution represented by computer science and Internet technology has become more and more intense,and a “virtual world” which integrates digitalization,networking and virtualization has emerged as the times require.At the same time,human practice has produced a new form of practice“Virtual Practice” on the basis of real practice.Virtual practice refers to the two-way perceptual activities in the digital virtual space which are based on reality and beyond reality by means of digitization according to certain purposes and wishes.Virtual practice has the characteristics of virtual reality,instant interaction,physical and mental immersion and remote manipulation.It has the functions of transcending restrictions and exploring innovations,reappearing scenes and seeking truth and beauty,recreation and psychological adjustment,publicizing personality and perfecting personality.The emergence of virtual practice has led to tremendous changes in the way of life,production,cognition,thinking and survival of human beings.The ability of human beings to understand and transform the world has made a qualitative leap.Firstly,people use digital means to create a special humanized nature “virtual world”,in which they can simulate and explore creative virtual practice,in order to complete the practical activities of simulating reality and surpassing reality,presenting the things that could only exist in imagination in the virtual world.Secondly,virtual practice promotes the change of production mode.Material production tends to be automated and digitalized,spiritual production tends to be shared and cooperative,and production relations also realize the combination of remote presence and virtual reality,and provide new exploratory tools for scientific research.Thirdly,the dual intermediary role of virtual practice has a surge and amplification effect on human subjectivity,and the unique intelligence of virtual world can promote human imagination and creativity.Fourthly,virtual practice promotes the process of "world history",promotes the further globalization and integration of human society and mutual learning of civilizations,speeds up the transformation efficiency of regional individuals to world historical individuals.Fifthly,virtual practice provides a new platform for human's free and comprehensive development,and makes human's virtual development an important historical process towards free and comprehensive development and the historical stage.The emergence of virtual practice enriches the connotation of the concept of practice in Marxist philosophy and actively expands the extension of the scope of practice.From the industrial revolution to the information revolution,the human practice form has developed into virtual practice from the real practice,and the humansocial form has also shown a historical trend from the real to the virtual.The development of virtual practice itself has experienced a historical process from two-dimensional virtual practice to quasi-three-dimensional virtual practice,and then to three-dimensional virtual practice.Virtual practice is the historical product of the development of real practice,which in turn brings opportunities and challenges to the development of real practice.On the one hand,virtual practice plays an active role in promoting the "world history" and the free and comprehensive development of human beings;on the other hand,virtual practice and its virtual world bring new moral and ethical problems,psychological problems,subjective crisis problems and alienation problems to human beings.The virtual world generated by virtual practice and the real world have jointly constituted the dual world of virtual and real.Almost everyone in modern society is under the common influence of the dual world.In order to avoid virtual world becoming a new spiritual shackle and a new tool of governance,we must adhere to the world outlook and methodology of virtual and real symbiosis and harmony.In the dual existence state of real existence and virtual existence,the stage and continuity of human existence have been highly unified,and the ideal state of human existence in the information age is the combination of virtual and real.Apart from the introduction,this paper is divided into five chapters,the main contents are as follows:Chapter 1 outlines the theoretical horizon and elaborates on the connotation,level,type,characteristics,functions and significance of virtual practice.This paper combs the evolution history of the concept of practice and expounds the concept of practice of Marxist philosophy and its revolutionary significance in the history of philosophy.Reproduce the historical background and development clues from the industrial revolution to the information revolution,from the real practice to the virtual practice,and reveal the synchronization between the social form from the real to the virtual and the practical form from the real to the virtual.This paper makes a comparative analysis of the basic principles of real and virtual practice and the differences and links between them,and discusses the theoretical and practical significance of virtual practice.Chapter 2 studies the changes of human production mode caused by virtual practice.Starting from the three basic forms of practice in the perspective of Marxist philosophy,this paper studies respectively the transformation of material production mode(material productivity and material production relationship),spiritual production mode(spiritual productivity and spiritual production relationship),and the new social relationship and new scientific research tools formed by virtual practice in the field of social practice and scientific experimental activities.Chapter 3 focuses on the transformation of human existence mode brought about by virtual practice and constructs virtual ontology.With human as the focus,this paper studies the relationship between the new form of human existence in virtual practice and Marx's theory of human existence form,and demonstrates the consistency of individual virtual existence,group virtual existence and species virtual existence.This paper investigates the role and influence of virtual existence on the promotion of “world history”,and expounds the role and significance of virtual practice on the free and comprehensive development of human beings.This paper explores the ideal state of human existence in the world in the dual state of real and virtual existence.Chapter 4 investigates the change of human's cognitive mode caused by virtual practice and constructs virtual epistemology.From the perspective of epistemology of Marxist philosophy,this paper studies the change of human's cognitive mode caused by virtual practice,analyses the operating mechanism of virtual knowledge,probes into the dialectical relationship between virtual practice and virtual knowledge,studies the double mediating role of virtual practice and the tremendous and complex influence of agent on human's subjectivity,and summarizes the change of cognitive mode and great significance brought about by virtual practice..Chapter 5 studies many new topics brought by virtual practice to the human world.This paper analyses the relationship between virtual world and real world,the roles and functions of designers and experiencers of virtual world,the moral problems,ethical problems,psychological problems,subjective crisis and new alienation problems caused by the emergence of virtual practice,and makes a thorough analysis of the causes of alienation problems,and puts forward the ways and methods to solve the alienation phenomenon and the contradiction between virtual and real.
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