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Virtual Practice Philosophy

Posted on:2011-09-23Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:M MaFull Text:PDF
GTID:2205360308971811Subject:Philosophy of science and technology
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Man is a special existence in nature. It is"the natural objects"directly, but always unceasingly seeking ways to break through the pure animal's-like existence condition, unceasingly self-surmounting. Science and technology is very important, when people surmount the outside world and transcend themselves in the way of practice. In the present age, a new practice way, Virtual Practice comes out, along with the rapid development of information technology and virtual reality technology.This article occurs from Virtual Practice's historical source, analyzes Virtual Practice with the philosophical viewpoint to find its philosophy basis and historical rationality. Then, it further searches in the content, structure and function of Virtual Practice, and elaborate the profound influence of Virtual Practice from four different ways (practice, understanding pattern, thinking, life). Finally, it puts the foothold on the Human's Free and Comprehensive Development.Actually, Virtual Practice is just a human conduct. Human's pure isolation Virtual Practice is impossible to have any development in promoting and advancing human subjectivity. The only correct way is that to make Virtual Practice and Reality Practice interweaved to promote common development, so that they can be beneficial to Human development. Therefore, we must adhere to the essential nature between Virtual Practice and Reality Practice; keep a symbiosis-oriented relationship. Moreover, we can establish a great platform for human survival and development. And based on this conclusion, the Human's Free and Comprehensive Development will come true someday.
Keywords/Search Tags:Virtual Practice, Virtual reality technology, Survival way, The Human's Free and Comprehensive Development
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