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Research On The Policy System Of Agricultural Demonstration Zone From The Perspective Of Rural Revitalization Strategy

Posted on:2020-01-18Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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The 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China made the implementation of the strategy of implementing the rural revitalization strategy,focusing on the prosperity of the agricultural industry,and put forward five general requirements.The most important means to achieve industrial prosperity is to build moderm agriculture.The agricultural demonstration zone is a combination of a series of goals,measures and policies that are carried out through technological and management innovation,strengthening infrastructure support,cultivating new business entities,and promoting the development of large-scale,intensive and industrialized agriculture in a certain region.Moderm agricultural practice activities.On the basis of summarizing the domestic and foreign scholars' research on modern agriculture and modern agricultural parks,this paper starts with the public policy analysis of rural strategic revitalization and national agricultural modernization planning,constructs the policy system framework of agricultural demonstration zones,and establishes agricultural demonstration zones.The evaluation index system analyzes 60 modern agricultural comprehensive development demonstration zones in Anhui Province as a case,compares their development levels at different levels,and studies the correlation between different industry types,construction modes and development levels,and selects two Analyze the high-level demonstration areas of different industry types and construction modes,summarize the common characteristics and experience,sort out the existing problems,and propose corresponding policy recommendations.This paper believes that the construction target content of the agricultural demonstration zone consists of four parts:moderm agricultural industrial system,modern agricultural production system,modern agricultural operators system and modern agricultural security system.The industrial system is the structural framework,and the production system is the basis of productivity,and agricultural operators system is the embodiment of the production relationship,and the service guarantee system is the driving force for development.Integrating resource endowments,science and technology,business entities,management services and other elements of modern agricultural development to develop modern agriculture,adopting agricultural demonstration zones(parks)is a feasible way to realize rural industrial revitalization and promote rural revitalization.The construction mode of the agricultural demonstration zone has a more significant impact on the development level than the industrial type.The choice of market-oriented is the preferred choice for the construction of the demonstration zone;the integration of funds,the strengthening of scientific and technological research and development the promotion of socialized services,and the establishment of service institutions are Anhui Modern 4 more effective experiences in the construction of agricultural comprehensive development demonstration zones;The construction of agricultural demonstration zones is mainly faced with five major problems:unbalanced development,decentralized financial investment,unreasonable investment in science and technology,insufficient financial support,and lack of evaluation standards for development.It can be resolved through the establishment of development model selection mechanism,improvement of agriculture-related project capital integration policy,optimization of agricultural science and technology input policy,increase of rural revitalization of "green finance"supply,reform of policy-based agricultural insurance system,and establishment of a scientific evaluation system.
Keywords/Search Tags:Rural Revitalization Strategy, Agricultural Demonstration Zone, Policy System, Comprehensive Agricultural Development, Evaluation
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