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The Threat Of My Country's Color Revolution And Its Countermeasures From The Perspective Of Intelligence

Posted on:2020-07-13Degree:DoctorType:Dissertation
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Color revolution has been the focus of political research for a long time.From the perspective of geopolitics and national interests,these studies have played an important role in understanding the nature of color revolution and improving political vigilance.This article attempts to stand in the middle level,sinking from the macro perspective of international strategy,pay attention to the implementation of the specific operation of the color revolution.From the point of view of information activities,this paper discusses the nature of information of color revolution,and on this basis,combs out the specific threats faced by our country and the corresponding countermeasures.From the perspective of relevant information and national security theory,we can find that color revolution is a new form of covert action from the perspective of intelligence activities.Under the guidance of this theory and from the perspective of intelligence,we can clearly understand the main threat of color revolution facing our country at present,or the potential threat of color revolution that may be exploited by foreign enemies,which include mass incidents,ideological issues such as the democratic movement,as well as related ethnic and religious issues.These factors of political instability are likely to be exploited by relevant institutions and forces to launch a color revolution and undermine the stability of our regime and political security.Intelligence activities require intelligence activities to counteract.Our country must use the corresponding intelligence activities to resist color revolution.In our country,there is a real counterpart department,namely the internal security department of the Ministry of Public Security.According to the prevailing academic standards,the work of internal security can be understood as the domestic intelligence behavior.At present,our country seeks national rejuvenation,while the degree of participation in international affairs is becoming deeper and wider,for this reason,the overall national security are facing many challenges.Since the 18th National Congress,our party has clearly put forward an overall national security concept.In June 2017,the National Intelligence Law of the people's Republic of China was formally implemented.It is now of great significance to make clear the intelligence nature of the color revolution,analyze the potential threat in our country,and strengthen the defense to it from the intelligence front.
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