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The United States And The "Color Revolution" In CIS

Posted on:2012-03-26Degree:MasterType:Thesis
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From the last century, the United States has succeeded in "peaceful evolution" against the Soviet Union and Eastern Europe. In recent years, the United States has not only adopted a new peaceful evolution, but also interfered with a new approach. "Color Revolution". Especially in the 1990's, the U.S expanded its hegemony and squeezed the strategic living space of Eurasian continent. By the name of "promoting democracy" as a slogan, the U.S. used "street politics" as a form. launched a new round of peaceful evolution, successfully leading Georgia, Ukraine, Kyrgyzstan to "Color Revolution", setting up a "pro-American" regimes. Faced with the new round of peaceful evolution, some people confused and some people worried. According to the causes, characteristics, this paper takes that "color revolutions" is, in essence, "a new round of peaceful evolution. " After some analysis. thinking about the contact status of the United States, this article tries to reveal which new way the U.S. will choose. In current complicated international situation, this study becomes more important.This paper based on the origin of CIS(Commonwealth of Independent States) starts from Georgia's "'rose revolution", Ukraine's "orange revolution" and Kirghizstan's "yellow revolution", carefully discusses the general mode and the main features of the "color revolution", analyses the background and reasons and profoundly reveals its actual aims; then, this paper clearly points out the essence of the "Color Revolution" systematically describes its impact and influence on the international politics. and briefly sums up the revelation and strategies that it gives to other countries; finally it tries to predict the future prospects of the CIS.It can be found from the color-changing process of "one storm, three revolutions", that "Color Revolution" generally follows the general pattern of "three phases. a result" preparation, start. stalemate and the success of the opposition fraction. Meanwhile. there is an obvious characteristic:taking the opportunity of election. backed up by the West the opposition fraction seized the power by peace. This characteristic is reflected in the following aspects:the national political election is the platform:peace and non-violent street politics is the main struggling form:acting from inside in coordination with forces from outside is the key point:westernization is the core.The outbreak of "Color Revolution" was due to deep background and reasons. of which in the process of the transition of the state. the basic reason was that democracy fell behind the need of social development in the marked-oriented economy condition. There was not only the profound internal political, economic, social, diplomatic, historical and ideological background, but also the external help from the United States."Color Revolution" is bound to cast great impact On contemporary international politics and international relationships. Concerning CIS. it accelerates the geopolitical disintegration within CIS. challenging the existence of CIS. and casts strong impact on traditional Russian security policies, urging Russia to implement more practical new policies towards CIS. Concerning geopolitics, it further changes the geopolitical territory and division in Europe and Asia. breaking and restructuring "Post-Soviet Russia Space" as a geopolitical integration.On all accounts, it can be forecast that. as a result of the unstable situation within CIS. "Color Revolution" is possible to spread to a larger extent. but It's not likely to have an immediate "domino effect". At the same time, with its profound western background, "Color Revolution" has not come to an end. It is just a single round of a long lasting combat and frequent, fierce engagements will follow.
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