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A Study On The Root And Influence Of Color Revolution In Commonwealth Of Independent States (CIS)

Posted on:2008-06-03Degree:MasterType:Thesis
Country:ChinaCandidate:J SunFull Text:PDF
GTID:2166360215482938Subject:International politics
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Color revolution means series of abnormal government changes which happened by the means of peaceful and nonviolent way and named as colors. Using the color revolution as the research object is because that it has influenced many countries in CIS and the steady of near areas even the whole world situation.The essay consists of three parts. The first part mainly discusses the inner reasons why color revolution happened in these countries, e.g. many unsteady points in the political institution. The second part studies the outer ones why these countries happened color revolution, that is, USA—the main power which propelled the color revolution. The third part mainly discusses the results and influence of color revolution in CIS. The essay mainly uses such methods as the geopolitical theory and IPE to analyze the inner and outer reasons of color revolution, especially USA, in order to study the USA's democracy strategy, to grasp the means and standard of American democracy, to discuss the methods, aim and approaches of USA to practice democracy, and to find the deep influence and even to think the democratic institution.The conclusion of this essay is that the source of color revolution lies in the inner reasons, but the outer reasons, that is, USA propelled it by the inner ones. So we should face the problem of democracy in the active and constructive attitudes, and then make the actions to propel it, which should be our basic views. Otherwise, as the important wealth of human civilization, democracy has the inner principle of its own, and it can't escape the basic principle of human civilization. That is, the democracy has its own by-and-by course, and also the perfection of democracy is a course which accumulates by and by and more and more.
Keywords/Search Tags:CIS, color revolution, USA
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